Ways of promoting Leofinance, Making Leofinance a priority

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The Leofinance community is definitely one of the best communities here on Hive Blockchain, and that fact is definitely hard to contest. Hive Blockchain might have been filled with thousands today of communities, but Leofinance is one of the best so far.

There have been a lot of talks and content about how well the community is these days and that is absolutely one thing believe too, I decided to take a look at how well and important the community is to our today's world.

What is Leofinance

This is absolutely one of the most sorted after in the community and of all, it is a community which activities are solely based on crypto related contents and finance too, recently there have been some slight improvement too in that area giving it user's the ability to come up with anything reasonable, especially via the use of #leothreads.

What are the importance of Leofinance

Its importance are thousands and can't just been mentioned in few words, but nevertheless, if is significant that some things or few things are looked into.

The community to me possess lot of qualities, ragging from it ability to teach and enlightened it user's on how to properly invest and how to manage such investment, Leofinance community gives a lot of financially opportunity and access, by creating means at which it user's can partake in projects or even airdrops.

You can't be a committed lion and not understand the importance of saving, especially when it comes to holding or Leo token and saving it for a better return later

Recently, the community on it own keeps giving new initiative and project that will definitely enhance productive here on Leofinance, I'm sure you have heard of :

Leo power up day

This is one of the initiatives that the community as used in helping it user's, the importance of Leo power up day can't be ignored as it as indeed help users to stake more of Leo and build their account, user's now power up Leo on every 15th of the month.

Leo power up day is definitely one big initiative and right now, it as indeed increased the Value of the community and also that of its members.


Aside #lpud, #leothreads is absolutely one big initiative too, giving it ability to help users now communicate easily among each other, leothreads as indeed put an end to lot of engagement issues, and creating avenue for users to have better means of expressing themselves in a easier way.

With #leothreads, an end as being put to long contents issue, which means even with short contents, user's now get upvote on everything done here on #leofinance.

Way's of promoting Leofinance

Promoting Leofinance is absolutely one major thing, looking at how well and important the community is, which means promoting Leofinance too is vital here too.

Giving more awareness to users in and outside the community is significant and that is undoubtedly one way of promoting the community too, base on research there are still lot of individuals who don't have access to the community, so extending Leo to them via write up is definitely one way of promoting the community too.

Twitting about it on social media too is absolutely one way forward, social media like Twitter, Facebook, and even WhatsApp too can help in promoting the community and also extending it to others too, more talks on other social media will definitely help in extending the community to others and also promoting the community.

Save Leo token—One other way I'm always in support when it comes to promoting #leofinance is by saving Leo token, staking of Leo finance token is absolutely another biggest Way of supporting the community and promoting it too, a good Market value will definitely increase the value of the community and also promote it and encourage others to join and invest too.

Join the #leo force and be a Leo ambassador by promoting #leofinance always

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