Cappella: AI monitor that interprets baby cries

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AI technology is getting better everyday and finding bigger application in our day-to-day lives. Nursing mothers would no doubt love this new AI app that helps them handle their baby's discomfort. This app is called Cappella. It is a baby monitoring tool. It can capture video and audio of a baby crying. It interprets the sounds captured and lets the mother know why the baby is crying.

Developed with the help of expert clinicians and AI technology, Cappella takes baby monitoring to the next level. Standard baby monitors simply watches over the baby and does nothing. Cappella captures important data from baby sounds and interprets these to the mother who then takes the right action to make the baby feel comfortable again.

Taking baby monitoring to the next level

Cappella can capture both audio and video of the baby it is monitoring. Developed on top of an AI model, it is trained to process the captured data and make the right recommendations to the parent. Those baby cries to be interpreted to mean hunger, wants to sleep, or needs a new diaper.

The data captured and stored by Cappella app also helps to build a pattern for the baby. This helps the parent to know at what appropriate times to attend to the baby's needs. For example, the app could establish a pattern of when the baby usually wants to sleep or when they are hungry. By building such consistent records from the baby cries, it will be easy for the mother to know what to do at any material time.

Developing the Solution

Cappella app is not just a simple concept brought up by tech enthusiasts. It is a product developed by a full collaboration of AI tech engineers and health experts. The high-profile team work no doubt became obvious as the finished product has been put into practical use and it delivered.

Below are some of the efforts that went behind the scene before the finished product was put out for public use:

  • Rigorous laboratory tests: Clinicians involved in the project did a lot of research about baby behavior at various stages of product development. The main aim is to gather a lot of intelligence regarding baby actions and how each could be interpreted at any point in time. The amount of data gathered was supposed to cover every conceivable baby language often communicated through their crying.

  • AI built into App: Once the data about baby language through cries where gathered, the AI model was them trained to identify each sound and link it with a specific event or need of the child. All of these were them assembled into a slick mobile app that moms or other child caregivers could install on their device and use.

Data collection and interpretation is key in Cappella

There are many baby monitoring devices out there in the market. Nursing mums are already in tune with some of them. But Cappella has taken this sector to a whole new level through the introduction of AI technology. The AI system brings in new capabilities that are not seen before.

Normal baby monitors often gather and sends raw data to the parent and leaves them the huge job of interpreting and acting on it. This is often a reason why parenting new babies are some of the most difficult jobs out there. When a baby cries, the mother has to figure out what the issue was. The job of new mothers are not made easy by baby monitors. But with Cappella, its a lot different.

The AI technology in the app helps to gather the data from a child which is often expressed in the form of crying. Then, it goes further than traditional monitors. It processes the sound and interprets it to the mother. Now the job is easier as the mother simply has to apply the necessary actions based on the recommendations of the app.

As Cappella continues to gather the data and provided consistent insight into baby actions, the mother is helped to grow an understanding of the baby. This approach based on data collection and interpretation also helps the mother to learn about the needs of the child quicker over time.

Cappella is also not just an AI app, but a huge community of parents, new mothers and child health experts. This supportive forum also ensures that new mums and their kids get all the right assistance they need at the appropriate times.


If you are a new baby, you might think about trying this AI solution. If you have friends that just gave birth to a baby, this app might help. Of course, you must do your own research first before deciding to use or not use the app. This is article is strictly for information purposes and not medical advice.

If you want to try out the app, you need an iOS device as the app is yet to have an Android version. Click here to download from Apple store

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