LEO&HODL Contest: all about the New LeoFinance UI

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Its no longer news that Leo finance has a brand new frontend, one that we all have excitedly been waiting for. The new UI which is built solidly around threads (micro-blogging) is what we are using right now to interact with the community and hive blockchain in general. A lot has been written about it, However, I wish to share a few things about this brand new UI based on my experience using it.

My first impression after launch

Just like many other persons, I eagerly waited for the launch on May 1, 2023. I was among the many first users that saw the UI and I really was impressed with with I saw. My first impression was really positive and I want to summarize them as follows:

  • Simplicity: The new UI does not require extensive mentorship even for people that are just getting into crypto or blogging for the first time. The layout is not too complex or filled with lots of features difficult to navigate. Its simple layout is a big plus as the team targets mass adoption through micro-blogging. New users would find it very easy to navigate around and find their way even if they stumbled upon the UI by themselves.

  • Mobile responsive: I love that the new UI is cool on mobile too. The market of mobile users is large and very important for the adoption of any project. So I quickly checked how the new UI feels on mobile. It is as effective on mobile devices, as it is on desktop or PCs.

Compared to the former UI

I prefer the new UI because its vastly better than what we had in the old UI. Many reasons there are for to choose the new UI over the old UI. For example:

  • The old UI was too complex: Having too many elements on the landing page makes it confusing even for advanced users. The new UI is intuitive and just contains the vital features to enhance user experience. The old UI just contains too much that it can just confuse a new user.

  • Old UI not built for Microblogging: The old UI sure does have a like for Thread, but micro-blogging on threads was not its biggest selling point. Long form content was massively featured and that drove many first time users away as it appeared too complex to understand.

New lions on the New UI

The new UI offers a lot of features and opportunities for new lions to get involved right away. Here are a few ways that new lions can start engaging on the new UI

  • Create threads: Once you log into any web browser address bar, it opens the threads page. On top of the page is a box to create your first thread. This is an opportunity for new lions to engage with the platform. They can start by typing something as easy as #gmfrens, Hi, or other shout-outs.

  • Browse tags: Tags are featured on the right hand side an provide an opportunity for new lions to check out threads based on topic. They might find something that appeals to their passion and start from their to engage.

  • Reply to comments: Once new lions make their first threads, they will get comments from the community. So they can continue to engage with the platform and users through replying to those comments.

Through these opportunities above, new lions will have the opportunity to engage and experience threads in its latest form.

Some amazing features of the new UI

A lot of features on the new UI are simply cool and made for microblogging. Let me mention 3 of them:

  • Following: On the top right side of the UI, you see a page labelled following. This page contains all the threads of users you follow. This is a cool feature for me. It makes it easy to stay up to date with the content of your best users. I check this page every morning to see whats new from my favorite micro-bloggers on threads.

  • Profile: This tab is found on the right side. Its cool to be able to see all the threads I created and the ones I commented on. The profile page also contains other personal data about each blogger. I check this page to see if a user is on hive, to see their stake on lion and their position in the Leo verse

  • Username popup data: When you place your cursor over any one's username on threads, a pop up box appears with the profile information of that user. This is a cool shortcut to going to the persons profile page. I use this to check on users that i show interest in their work to see what they are up to.

Suggested new features

  • **Rethread:**I would really love to have a button which I can click to share a thread to my blog page. That way, I will be able to save a thread i want to visit later without loosing it out to the hundreds of other threads that will come after.

  • Share on social media: I would like to have a share button that could be used to share threads to other web2 platforms directly like Twitter, facebook, etc.

  • Edit thread: Right now, there is no way to edit threads after publishing them. Such a feature will be highly needed to edit content when there is a mistake.

  • Delete button: While we cannot really remove content stored on the blockchain, we can remove them from the frontend. So a button to delete threads from the frontend would highly be appreciated.

  • Hide thread from a specific user: This will be cool. If a user is making annoying threads all the time, or lets say a user starts spamming the platform with repeative threads, I can decide not to see any threads from that user again. A feature to hide threads from specific users would be cool.

Threads just like Twitter

Threads look like Twitter in a number of ways and features, and that is making it easy for Twitter users to come over to Threads. Here are some similarities with Twitter:

  • Length of each Thread: Just like Twitter, the maximum character length of each thread is 240 characters.

  • Polls: Polls is a Twitter feature that makes it possible to get user opinion on subjects. Threads also has an amazing poll feature.

  • Tagging: Twitter uses the # feature to create tags alongside content. On threads, # is also used to begin tags.

  • Like button: The like button is shaped like a heart on Twitter. It is the same function and shape here on threads. Taking it further, this like button rewards the author on hive as they earn cryptocurrency on their short content.

  • Profile page: Twitter has a profile page for each user where their basic data is stored. Threads also has that page where you could go and look at who is behind that username.

Threads like other everything apps

Threads has similar features with other everything apps already developed here on Hive. It is similar to Dbuzz which is another Dapp that supports microblogging. Both of these apps store data on the blockchain and are used specifically for microblogging.


We are really fortunate to experience web3 and microblogging in their latest forms through this new UI. We have seen a few bugs which the dev team will be working on. It continues to get better each day and I am really optimistic the new UI will surpass all our expectations.

I would like to invite @sammyhive, @luchyl, @ijelady, @beauty197, @marajah to participate in this contest.

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