RE: Ad Marketing & A Baseline For Hive To Embrace?

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Charles Okeke
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Gambling is big business and marketing it is even bigger business. The problem with its marketing model has been laid bare in this publication. Its full of lies, deception and trickery. A short experience here....

When I did NYSC in 2016, I have a fellow corp member who was addicted gambler. As we arrived and trying to put our rooms in order, he disappeared to go and look for the closest Bet Naija shop. For the next 1 year, he gambled everyday (sometimes in empty stomach) and lost all the bet. He only won 5k once, through-out the year. He always regrets every getting to learn this bad habit, but he is hooked already.

This story illustrates everything wrong with gambling and its marketing. In one word, I will call it illusion

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