Best Web3 blogging platform: LeoFinance

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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

The best Web3 blogging platform is LeoFinance, a social dApp built on top of the decentralised Hive blockchain.

If you want to make money blogging on Web3, then you need to get yourself a Web3 Hive account immediately.

While waiting for VC money to build a killer Web3 blogging dApp on Ethereum, a thriving Web3 blogging community is already organically thriving on Hive.

Let me quickly walk you through how to start your Web3 blogging journey today.

1. Create your FREE Web3 Hive account

In order to start your journey, you’re going to need to create a Hive account.

Lucky for you, the LeoFinance community makes signing up using your current Web2 Twitter account a breeze.

Simply head to, click the get started button at the top and use your Twitter account to create an account.

LeoFinance makes onboarding to Web3 a breeze, allowing you to start blogging and earning crypto immediately.

2. Start blogging on the LeoFinance platform

Now you have a Web3 Hive account, you’re able to start your Web3 blogging journey right here on LeoFinance.

Click the pen icon at the top of the page and you can start writing your first blog immediately.

If you’re here to make money from your Web3 blogging exploits, I’d recommend sticking to topics surrounding finance.

Keep in mind that while owning the keys to your Web3 account means that you can’t be censored at the blockchain level, you can be muted by the community.

But more on what taking full ownership of your Web3 account means in the next step.

When creating your first few LeoFinance blogs, just don’t be a douchebag and you’ll fit right in.


3. Earn crypto from Web3 blogging

Now comes the part that most of you are probably here for - Actually earning crypto from your blog.

After publishing your blog, you’ll see a heart icon down the bottom which shows how many upvotes you’ve received from the community.

While rewards come from newly minted LEO inflation in a daily rewards pool, upvote values depend on how many LEO the voter has staked on the platform.

The larger their stake, the larger their say on how the rewards pool is allocated.

This system incentivises those with stake to reward good quality content as it ultimately feeds back into the value of the LeoFinance Web3 blogging platform and ultimately the price of the LEO token.

4. Take control of your Web3 Hive account

After earning crypto from your Web3 blog on LeoFinance, all that’s left is to take control of your account.

Remember, your Hive account is a censorship-resistant account that you and only you have the power to control.

No tech company can intervene to censor or ban you at the blockchain level.

This is the power of a Web3 blogging platform like LeoFinance that is built on the decentralised Hive blockchain.

To take full control, simply head to your wallet and claim your account keys.

Install the Hive Keychain browser extension, import your keys and you now have access to the entire Web3 dApp ecosystem on Hive via your single account.

Blogging, social media, gaming, art, a crypto wallet and so much more, all now at your fingertips.

LeoFinance becomes the Web3 everything app

While LeoFinance is the best Web3 blogging platform, a new UI update has actually seem it evolve into something so much more.

Incorporating every aspect of Web3 social media imaginable, it has really become the 'everything app'.

Long form blogs? Check.

Microblogging? Check.

Wallets? Check.

NFTs? Check.

If it has a place in social media, then LeoFinance now has it.

Your followers and data each protected by the censorship-resistant Hive blockchain at the base layer.

All accessible through your single Web3 Hive account.

Game changer.

Final thoughts on the best Web3 blogging platform

If you’ve ever wanted to dip your toes into the Web3 blogging scene, then you can see that LeoFinance makes it super simple.

All made possible by the fact that LeoFinance is built on the fully decentralised Hive blockchain.

With its simple to understand usernames and FREE transactions, your Hive account becomes your gateway to Web3.

Come and give it a go.

What do you have to lose?

Best of probabilities to you.

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