Best Web3 social media platform: Threads

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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

The best Web3 social media platform is LeoFinance Threads - Twitter on the blockchain!

While Bluesky and Elon think they’re building the framework for Web3 social media, in reality it’s already here in the form of Hive.

Born organically from the fire of Steem, the truly decentralised Hive blockchain hosts a thriving community of users and dApps that make up its ecosystem.

Including what I’d describe as the best Web3 social media platform.

Let me introduce Threads - LeoFinance’s microblogging platform that could otherwise be described as Twitter on the blockchain!

What makes Threads a Web3 social media platform?

Threads is a microblogging dApp that is similar to Twitter, developed by the team at LeoFinance.

Built on the fast and feeless Hive blockchain, all you need is a Hive account to plug into and use the Threads microblogging dApp.

By taking advantage of the underlying, fast, free and censorship-resistant Hive blockchain to house the dApp, Threads is a true Web3 social media solution.

Not the Web2.5 crap that you have most likely experienced elsewhere in the space!

You see, using a single, censorship-resistant account, of which you retain full ownership of, to access multiple dApps is the very essence of Web3.

Not only does Hive offer the type of censorship-resistance that other networks with unfavourable token distribution or governance mechanisms can’t.

But Hive’s diversity means you’re also able to plug that same account into multiple social media dApps and front-ends as you please.

Maybe long-form content is more your thing?

Well you can simply plug your same account into another Web3 blogging platform like LeoFinance itself, Ecency or PeakD.

Don’t like sharing content at all and want to just earn crypto gaming instead?

Again, just plug that same Hive account into a Hive-based gaming dApp.

Your single account gives you access to the entire Web3 ecosystem being built on the already battle-tested (Hi Justin Sun), censorship-resistant Hive network.

It's this connection to Hive that makes Threads not only one of the best Web3 social media platforms.

But one of the ONLY true Web3 social media platforms.

How to use Threads

Now we’ve gone over what sets Threads apart, let’s move onto actually getting started and using the platform.

1. Sign up for a Hive account

The first thing you’re going to need in order to use Threads is a Hive account.

If you’ve already got an account then cool, you’re ready to go.

But if you don’t have one, LeoFinance actually makes the task of getting one super simple.

Here’s the best way to sign up for a Hive account:

  1. Head to
  2. Click the get started button at the top
  3. Sign up using your Twitter account

That’s it!

You can now sign in and start using your Hive account to start threading immediately.

2. Start posting via Threads

Now you’ve connected your Web3 Hive account to the Threads dApp, it’s time to have some fun.

Hit the big yellow Thread button in the middle of the page and share the first thing that comes to your mind…

…in 240 characters or less of course.

One of the cool things about the platform is that it actually allows you to create longer, connected threads.

Threadstorms if you will.

Simply click into and reply to your own thread over and over in order to get everything off that chest of yours at once.

3. Earn crypto from Web3 social media

I’ve briefly touched on how your underlying Hive account offers immutability, censorship-resistance and all that nerdy good stuff.

But let’s face it…

You don’t really care about censorship-resistance or losing your followers.

What you really want to know is how you can earn crypto from Web3 social media.

Threads really make earning crypto from social media super simple.

Now you’re most likely not going to get rich for threading about your shitty, mundane life (sorry).

But you can build real connections with those who have stake and leverage those connections to make real money on other Hive blogging dApps.

I’ll leave the intricacies of how the Hive blockchain’s clever inflation mechanism rewards users for their content for another post.

But you will earn crypto in the form of HIVE and LEO tokens, every time someone likes one of your threads.

How much have you earnt from all that time you’ve spent on Twitter?

Threads: The Web3 'everything app'

The LeoFinance team has just launched the new Threads UI into open alpha.

But what do I mean when I say that the latest Threads update has seen it become the Web3 'everything app'?

Well, I mean it's become a Web3 social media platform that literally incorporates EVERYTHING:

  • Microblogging
  • Blogging
  • Hive Blockchain Technology
  • Web3 Principles of Immutable Content
  • True User Account and Data Ownership
  • LeoInfra Onboarding for Hive Lite Accounts
  • DeFi
  • NFTs
  • Community Pages
  • and so much more!

Think about Threads as your one stop shop for every single content type imaginable.

With Hive's permissionless money system fully integrated.

All accessible by your single Web3 Hive account, with your data and followers protected at the base layer by the censorship-resistant Hive blockchain.

Check out a screenshot of the new UI here:

What is a Web3 social media platform?

Now that we've talked about getting set up and using Threads, let's talk about Web3 social as a whole.

There are a few different ways you could describe a "Web3 social media" platform:

  • Decentralised social media: This refers to a social media platform that is built on a decentralised network, such as a blockchain, rather than being centrally hosted on a single server or set of servers. This can give users more control over their data and make the platform more resistant to censorship.

  • Blockchain-based social media: Similar to decentralised social media, this refers to a social media platform that is built on top of a blockchain, which allows for greater decentralisation and potentially increased security and privacy.

  • P2P social media: P2P stands for "peer-to-peer," and a P2P social media platform would be one that connects users directly with each other, rather than relying on a centralised server to facilitate interactions. This can increase the decentralisation of the platform and make it more resilient to censorship and other forms of interference.

  • Cryptocurrency-powered social media: This refers to a social media platform that uses cryptocurrency or other blockchain-based technologies to facilitate transactions or other interactions between users. This could include things like tipping, micropayments, or other types of rewards.

But once again, the key to Web3 social media is being able to differentiate the truly immutable, censorship-resistant platforms from the rest.

You might not get caught out today, but somewhere down the line if you're not using a truly Web3 social media platform, you WILL face the same problems you face now on Web2.

It's an inevitability.

The future of Web3 social media is on Hive based dApps like Threads

While I have highlighted Threads as the best Web3 social media platform, the fact of the matter is that any Hive dApp could fit the bill.

The whole point of Web3 is that you aren’t tied down to one single platform.

If microblogging on Threads isn’t your thing, then just plug your Hive account into another social media dApp and use that instead.

The bottom line is that no matter which dApp you use, the immutable Hive blockchain ensures all your data, content and followers ALWAYS remain tied to your account

Hive is the future of Web3 social media.

Come and try it out by microblogging on the blockchain via Threads.

Best of probabilities to you.

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