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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Simple tutorial showing how to get a WAX wallet address using the WAX Cloud Wallet service.

While the GM:FRENS overlord himself has already created an excellent Wombat Wallet guide for getting a custom WAX wallet, there is a slight problem.

At first glance, Wombat’s custom WAX wallet addresses don’t work with WAXDAO on desktop and as such, you aren’t able to use it to stake your GM:Miner NFTs.

(Edit: Although if you want to use a custom address, there is a way to make it work - Check nifty's first comment at the bottom of this post for a neat hack!)

But never fear, this tutorial will walk you through getting a WAX wallet address using the WAX Cloud Wallet service.

While it doesn’t feature custom addresses, this is the easiest and best WAX wallet to use if you’re here to play with GM:FRENS.

Let’s jump straight into the guide.

How to get a WAX wallet address using WAX Cloud Wallet

We’re going to be using the WAX Cloud Wallet service to generate our own WAX wallet address.

Just a heads up before you begin, you’re going to need to buy 5 WAX from your CEX of choice to begin.

Step 1 - Choose your future login

Go to and choose your preferred login method for the future.

I chose Twitter to make it super simple since I’m always signed in:

Authorise the access to your Twitter account:

Step 2 - Add your email address

Put in your email address:

Head to your inbox to activate your account:

Accept WAX Cloud Wallet’s terms of service:

Step 3 - Pay 5 WAX

Use your CEX of choice to transfer 5 WAXP to the address shown here:

Don’t forget that unique memo!

As soon as the transaction of 5 WAXP is confirmed by the network, your WAX wallet address will be created:


You’re done and now have a WAX wallet address displayed at the top right hand corner of that screen.

Copy/paste it and use it as you see fit.

Now you have a WAX wallet address, what's next?

If you want to actually use the network, then your next step after getting a WAX wallet address is to learn the difference between WAX CPU, NET and RAM.

These network resources are super confusing at first, but a good starting point is to simply use the ratio of 20:10:5 that I recommended in the guide I linked to above.

Any questions or queries be sure to drop it in the comments and I’ll be happy to set you straight.

Now, last but not least, and no matter what time of the day it is…

Make sure you have a GM! 💚😵

Best of probabilities to you.

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