Is Hive just a blogging platform?

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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Hive is so much more than just a blogging platform.

While on the surface people just see Hive as a network for decentralised blogging apps, potentially it's a completely different use case which could end up sending the coin 20x.

As I’m sure the 90% of those reading this blog as lurkers rather than active members of the LeoFinance community know very well, blogging is EXTREMELY niche.

Not everyone needs a blog...

But everyone needs some sort of account/savings/wallet for their money.

This is where Hive truly shines.

Web3 Hive accounts are more than blogs

Web3 Hive accounts are so much more than blogs.

They provide you with not only the ability to connect to multiple front-ends to get your message across, but they allow you to transact and save without permission.

They’re your digital savings account and wallet all rolled into one.

Consider someone who is unable to access the traditional banking system for whatever reason.

Maybe they’re paid for their labour in crypto and manage their entire personal finance situation via a smartphone.

Previously they would still need permission to use a third part app such as PayPal or the like to store their funds.

But Hive is a game changer.

By instantly converting and holding their wage in the HBD stablecoin, they're able to earn 20% APR on what are essentially US dollars.

Using the various bridges via LEO to other chains, they then have the entire crypto world open to them.

Free to use and spend their crypto on day to day items (using whichever external spending app they choose) as needed, all without asking permission.

Made possible by the decentralised, secure Hive blockchain that allows the entire Web3 ecosystem to function and connect to the outside world.

The decentralised nature of the Hive blockchain ensures their Web3 Hive account remains secure and in the control of only whoever holds the keys.

Consider this statement:

As long as you can source access to apps that allow you to spend your crypto wages, you are potentially 20x better off than someone using a traditional USD bank account to save their wages.

When you frame an answer to the question of is Hive just a blogging platform in that way, things start to get real.

Do not sleep on the life changing ability of Hive and Hive Backed Dollars.

It is so much bigger than the couple of blogging platforms that use the blockchain as a base layer for their dApps.

In the same way that it’s so much more than just the rich compounding their crypto.

It’s total, permission-free financial freedom for individuals.

Hive’s blogging platforms certainly have their place

While the answer is obviously that Hive is so much more than just a blogging platform, they certainly do play a major role in the ecosystem.

Blogging rewards paid out in HIVE are awesome because they ensure the token distribution is always spreading far and wide.

Token distribution is a key aspect to keeping Hive's governance decentralised and the reward pool system to distribute inflation works like a charm.

New users can create a free Hive account and start 'earning' their share of this inflation immediately, making the chain’s unique distribution mechanism unrivalled.

But again, the Hive rewards pool doesn't have to be tied to a blogging platform.

when you start to consider further use cases for the rewards pool outside of humble blogging dApps, things start to get super interesting.

Mark my words, there are some extremely interesting ways to implement the rewards pool system which we're seeing already seeing in Hive based games such as dCity.

Hive is so much more than just a blogging platform.

Get your own FREE Hive account today

For now, I encourage you to get a Hive account whether you’re a blogger or not.

LeoFinance has made signing up super simple, using nothing more than your current Twitter account.

Simply head to, click the get started button at the top and create your account.

Come for the blogging and stay for the permissionless Web3 crypto account.

Your future self will thank you.

Best of probabilities to you.

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