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Like most people, sometimes I wake up in the night, soaked in sweat and freaking out that I have turned into a gimp.

For more than 20 years I’ve been researching “conspiracies” and posting stuff online that freaks out normies.

Most of my ex-friends think I’m a complete tool.

It’s one thing to write about complex webs of conspiracy that are quite theoretical when nobody really gives a toss anyway.

This week is different, and we have all tended to shut our pie holes and stop posting. Why? Because this week it either happens or it doesn’t and we are scared we will look like complete tools.

But everyone already thinks I’m a complete tool, so why am I acting like a gimp? (Gimps wear masks and say nothing while they wait patiently to be reamed by the man) OK it’s time to grow a set and say what I think will happen before the end of this month. Either I will be right or wrong. And that is the nature of life.


All of the governments in Europe will collapse like a pack of cards into a stinking pile of their own corruption. The European Union will be over and out.

The American election will end in civil war, whoever is said to be president. America will rapidly move into a state of chaos.

The American economy will implode, and all assets will take a huge dive (especially shares). Yes that includes cryptos – all of them. After the initial panic fuelled drop, the assets I pick to recover this year are bullion and cryptos. That is why I’ve been saying to sell Bitcoin and buy back on the crash.

All economies globally are on the brink of bankruptcy after being hammered by the plandemic, and if America crashes the rest will follow right behind.

The world will appear to move close to a major war. Most likely USA vs. China, or USA vs Iran. But this is all a script, and it’s like watching a Hollywood action movie. It’s all bullshit, just like coronavirus.

I haven't been silent because I’m afraid to make those predictions, but because I don't know what the ultimate outcome will be – great reset or great awakening?

This could go either way, and at this point all we can do is focus on the outcomes we want. Something I learned from bike racing is that we go exactly where we look. Even when we are sliding along the road on our arse, the lamp post or the patch of grass are both equally available and we will inevitably hit the one we focus on. We have just lost traction and are about to bite the dust. Now it's time to crash like a pro.

Shit is about to hit fans, so I’m going to close my mouth and focus on the great awaking option. Swallow the purple pill and take a ride on the wild side.

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