Bear Or Not, You Can Still Fill Your Bag

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What is a bear market?

This is a period in the crypto traders' world when the market is on a downward trend. Usually for a bit long extended period of time.

During the bear market is very easy to say goodbye to your crypto journey, and pack your bags to do something else. This is for people with average minds.

But if you have a mind of crypto whales, there is no better time to fill your bag than the bear market. Most of the crypto whales you see around today are people that stay behind to do one or two of what I'm about to discuss below. So, if you want to be the next big crypto guy you might want to read along.

Below are easy and simple ways to earn crypto during the red candle market.

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Blogging on a crypto site such as hive with it over 256 projects and communities such as,, among others, during the bear 🐻 market is one of the sure ways to fill your bag and build then wait for the bull market period where you will reap the reward of your patience.

During this time, most people will probably blog less which you can use to your advantage, fewer blogs mean more rewards pool to be shared among the few bloggers that show up consistently.


Trading can be a great crypto-earning tool even in a bear market. All you need to do is to study a coin or token of interest, buy it when that price is a bit lower, set your price sales target, and sell when it reaches your set target. Then continue to repeat the process.

Two weeks ago my husband was able to increase his hive token on a trading site from 104-140 within three days.

This was how he does it; he sold his 104 hives when the price was 0.67$ and the price went down three days later to 0.47$.

He immediately bought back again and he made additional 40 hives to his wallet

Trading is as simple as that, buy low, sell high, and repeat. To do this, you have to understand the market, how it works, and know the behavior of the crypto coin or token you are trading. So since I and my husband have sufficient knowledge about hive, he chose hive to be trading with.

So keep your eyes on the market price, know when to buy and when to sell and your wallet will keep on growing.

Staking, curation, and delegation

Bear market or bull market staking your hive coin or any other second layer hive token and earning a curation reward from it, is still a good pet. This can be you doing direct curation or delegating to dedicated curation accounts like @ecency, @indi-leo, @leo-voter, @cine-curator @ocdb, and many more.

these are my yesterday rewards payout from those accounts I delegated to

Play To Earn Gaming

One vast area where one can earn crypto during bear market is play to earn game. Blockchain games like @splinterlanders, @risingstar @proofofbrain @dcrop among others are a great place to earn either by playing, or investing while the market is red. So if you are a gamer, you might want to give them a chance if your want to grow your bag.

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