Simple Ways That I Earn With My Phone, Aside From Hive

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The era of smartphones has made online connections between friends, family, and even strangers across the globe very easy but it did not end there for those who know how and want to use this to their advantage they earn money connecting with others through the use of smartphones. Most especially those who can not afford a laptop. Gone are the days, when the only way to earn is through physical contacts.

I have always been the type that seeks ways to earn online through the use of my phone even before I found hive. And I never gave up until I found ways.

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In fact, My favorite internet quote is; If you are not using your phone to make money online, your phone might be using you to lose money online

Trust me, I have never desired to belong to those who just burn their phone data watching all sorts of social media content without making any money in return, and I did find a few ways to use my phone to earn which I will be sharing below.

Marketing My Offline Product

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Long before I joined hive, I had a honey store where I supplied original honey to my customers. Aside from having a physical store, a large part of my customers come from my online accounts. Through the use of my smartphone, I had Instagram and WhatsApp accounts for my product.

I gradually build up some followers, these followers buy from me and sometimes I even get referred from my fellow online vendors.

When one has a product to sell, sourcing for customers online is something one needs to consider and work towards to reach the right and desired customers and my smartphone comes in handy and as a perfect tool in this regard.

Though I had to close down my physical store for now due to relocation, I still get customers from my online presence whom I usually refer to the other sellers I know, and still make a little commission from the transactions.

Using my smartphone to learn courses

I'm not earning from this that much currently in a direct way but some courses I learn online using my smartphone are part of my long-term earning goals.

I'm currently taking a Spanish language course on Duolingo. Which is enhancing my language and communication skills.

I had taken a smartphone graphic design course in the past which directly impacted my blogging on the hive. Aside from this, I do charge some Instagram vendors a little bucks to teach them what I know on how they can better use some design apps like Canvas, Logopit mobile app, and Pixilab to enhance their product marketing. This particular one is profitable though it requires a lot of dedicated time in building a customer base. Something I hope I can be more successful in doing with time.

In response to this week's Hive Naija weekly prompt, these are other ways I earn money using my smartphone aside from blogging on Hive.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your support I hope you are having fun,๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฅฐ do have a productive week ahead.

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