Exploring the Gardens by the Bay | Where nature and modern structures co-exist

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Last weekend, I managed to go to the city and visit one of Singapore's most popular tourist spots, Gardens by the Bay. It is something that I don't do often. For me, going to tourist sites is a bit of a challenge because I don't find it easy or enjoyable to navigate through the crowd.

I'm the type of person who prefers calm over chaos but because of the amazing Supergrove Trees, the experience is worth the challenge.

Let's begin the stroll!

When I get off the MRT station, my journey begins. Aboard the Brown Line, I alight from the Gardens by the Bay station, which was a newly built station. The architecture of the station is similar to the Garden Dome and Marina Square. It was a huge space and it felt like a “little” stadium. It's a modern, sleek train station and it certainly is one of the most beautiful subway stations in Singapore.

When I came out of the station, it was cloudy. It may seem that it’s about to rain but the vibe wasn’t dull because of the cheerfulness of the goers of this place. Children were running, teenagers cycling and there were people flying kites all over the place. It was exciting to see such an activity taking place here.

I can see Marina Bay far away, and it gets my heart racing. There is a body of water that makes me happy, perhaps because I don't see it very often.

I'm going to walk a straight path to the Garden Dome area from here on out. There's a small garden here, and nice wooden benches where people can rest or take pictures whenever they want.

I reached the Garden Dome area on a little ten minutes' walk. I didn’t intended to enter the dome and so I was passing by. I'd planned to reach the Supergrove trees and see if activities were going on that day. The Garden Dome's still as beautiful as it used to be, and the people who manage this attraction are doing a wonderful job of keeping things in place including plants and trees.

When the pandemic reached its peak, I heard news that a lot of plants were dying. It was because, as a result of the quarantines that had taken place in those days, people who used to look after them could not go into the garden. But it looks as though everything is going well at this point in the garden.

As I pass by the Garden Dome, a familiar silhouette of a building emerges from the tree line, it is the Marina Bay Sands and it looks stunning in every angle that I view it.

After a few minutes of walking further down I already saw the crown of the Supergrove Trees and they looked amazing from where I stood while taking the photos.

I found interesting and well-made sculptures around the gardens, and it seemed to me that they were telling me stories about what they were doing in the natural environment.

When I come under the high garden structures and look at these magnificent gardens, it seems to me that this is what I'm feeling.

I walked to the path I was going to and walked the way I was going to find the biggest and most extravagant Supergrove trees. The trail was not boring because there were parts of the garden that attracted my attention as well.

It looks like the pathways are curving around and around the Supergrove trees and the Marina Bay Sands, and I can see them with their magnificent designs whenever I look at them.

There are pathways through the gardens that were beautifully designed to take in some of the most significant sights nearby. I could see the Garden Dome at some point, just above the tree line.

There are a lot of things you can see and experience. The fountains that create the splashes and the gentle waves above the surface of the water feel very calming.

I finally found what I was looking for, the main Supergrove trees, after a long walk around the garden. The scenery was dramatic thanks to the bridges that connected the towers. I am fascinated by the arrangement of the towers and their differing heights. I'm aware they're artificial trees, but they're simulating nature in their design.

That’s it for my stroll around the Gardens by the Bay. I hope you enjoyed the photos I’ve shared with you today. Have a great day!

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