All Green For My Hive Goals (Week 6, 2024)

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This is a short sum-up table with the state of my goals in easier TLDR form. The table has only a general overview, with details expanded in the post.

Current State/Other Selection CriterionGoals Matching the Criterion
Ongoing5 (52-Week HBD Savings Challenge, Posting & Commenting Goal, Land Plots Unlocked, ZING Multiplier, LEO Staking)
Main Goals3 (52-Week HBD Savings Challenge, Posting & Commenting Goal, Land Plots Unlocked)
Goals2 (ZING Multiplier, LEO Staking)
Main Goals Completed0
Completed Goals0

I include a link to the initial goal-setting post for 2024, for reference, if needed.

52-Week HBD Savings Challenge

A 52-week challenge following the popular model starts slowly and becomes increasingly more difficult with every passing week. The challenge is not at the beginning but at the end. That's why, we can use the easy start to prepare for the tougher weeks ahead.

In my case, I started with 1 HBD in week 1. This is also the step that increases the amount I need to save every week. The rule is, in my case: I need to add to savings the amount of HBD per week equal to the week number in the challenge. That means, in week 52 I'll need to save 52 HBD.

We are in the 7th week of the 52-week HBD challenge. That means I added 7 HBD to the savings for this particular goal, and reached 28 HBD, without counting the accrued interest.

Here's how things look right now:

Another week when I managed to keep this challenge going without using any HBD reserves.

Posting & Commenting Goal

I haven't missed a daily post this year yet. Reached 1697 posts published, with 308 left to hit the target in 2024. That puts the progress at 12% where 11.54% was needed to be in the green.

Here's the situation so far:

I haven't missed any edition of Week through Adrian's Lenses in 2024 either, and I mention this since it's also part of my posting goal. Overall, I reached the 57th edition of the weekly roundup which debuted at the beginning of 2023.

I started the week with 17,512 comments made. Ended the week with 17669, which means I made 157 comments last week, well above the weekly average needed to reach the comments target by the end of the year. That puts me in the green with comments for the first time since the beginning of the year.

I currently need an average of 95 comments weekly to reach the comments target by the end of the year.

Land Plots Unlocked

Another significant progress in unlocking land plots this week, using freed-up DEC to help. I expect the progress will start to slow down because it's becoming difficult to find suitable replacement cards with a lower energy requirement than 10k.

Started the week with 42 plots unlocked and productive and 6 under construction. I currently have 44 productive plots and 8 under construction, again, 4 more than last week.

For the accounting part of this goal, I'll add plots under construction as unlocked, to better see changes from week to week, even though, technically, they are not productive until the clearing part is finished and you feed the workers.

Here's the current situation:

And a more detailed view:

Productive Plots: 44 Under Construction: 8

If I recall correctly, 1 worksite will be completed this week, which will increase the number of productive plots.

ZING Multiplier

I started the week with 17,896 ZING (I no longer have any ZING diesel pool position on this account).

My ZING holdings are now at 19,067, which continues a solid growth toward my short-term goal. 5,933 remaining to add until 25k.

Here's the current situation:

LEO Staked

My LEO stake remains at 22,900 LP. I kept liquid LEO as is for the LPUD that comes this week. I also withdrew my delegation offered as one of the LPUD rewards from last month to prepare for the next one.

Given that my current accounts setup doesn't allow me to access the 20-22% APR tiers for delegating HP to leo.voter, I will probably reduce the delegation amount in the future.

Here's the current situation:

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