How Am I Doing with my Hive Goals? (Week 16, 2022)

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This week started the claim drop for Ragnarok, which is an important milestone for everyone expecting the game but also for every Hive holders, either in liquid or powered up form at the beginning of the year, since they are the recipients of the claim drop.

So, that might influence people with HIVE and HBD goals, since DUATs, the tokens that are claimed in the first phase are tradable for HIVE or HBD.

Personally I'm not interested to sell any tokens, maybe I'll add a little bit more, but my DUAT tokens won't be on the market. But I am interested to at least try out the game and see if I'll like it and if I'll be competitive and profitable by using it (play, rent, etc.). Other people may not have such plans.

Let's take a look at the my goals.

First the HIVE and HBD targets for 2022.

25000 HIVE and 5000 HBD by the year end seem harder and harder to achieve, which makes sense because I slowed down to almost nothing buying HIVE and HBD from other Hive-related income at the moment.

But, there is still hope for a turn of events in the second part of the year, because I have a plan. But we'll have to get there and see how it works out.

Splintershards (SPS)

With a little over 13 weeks left from the airdrop, I should be on target with this goal, even if I don't stake 2000 SPS per week like this week. At 2k SPS per week staked, I'd be at 105k SPS staked at the end of the airdrop. But I don't need 2k per week, and I probably won't stake as much every week, because I have the following goal as well.

Maxing Chaos Legion Set (or reaching the limit beyond which I consider upgrading a card not profitable)

Rare SummonersMaxed

My focus right now is maxing summoners. I maxed two of them (one more since the last report) - Kelya and Obsidian - which I considered a priority for me, because they give me maxed alternatives for Water and Earth (these are the splinters where I only had one maxed summoner).

I went through all CL cards once and made a first opinion about which cards I might not upgrade to max. But will need to check that again from time to time, and some of those options will remain with a question mark until everything else is maxed, and then, I'll decide on them, one by one.

Legendary SummonersMaxed
Common MonstersMaxedReached Max Desired Level
Rare MonstersMaxedReached Max Desired Level
Epic MonstersMaxedReached Max Desired Level
Legendary MonstersMaxedReached Max Desired Level

I'll also add for this report the situation with the CL reward cards:

CL Reward CardsMaxedReached Max Desired Level

Social Targets

I started the week with 7309 comments and 7540 replies.

And now I am at 7415 comments and 7660 replies. They are both above my targets of 81 comments and 76 replies weekly to reach 10k of each by the year's end, which is good!

Special Mentions

Another 1000 LISTNERDS staked in my Listnerds account made me pass the 3000 LISTNERDS staked in total this week and reach the 7th spot on the "richlist" at the time of writing. I believe this deserves a special mention.

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