Ragnarok Claim Drop Update

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Yesterday midnight, my time, or at a decent hour in the Americas, the claim drop interface(s) for Ragnarok became public.

Except, things have changed compared to my previous post on the topic. Which is fine, but since this claim drop is based on a snapshot of liquid HIVE and HIVE Power people had at the beginning of January (Jan 6 to be exact), it is very likely many don't follow news about Ragnarok because they are not gamers or simply they have their own circles of interest, and such an information reaches them with some delay and usually when there is enough fuss about it on Hive in general.

That's why we can't rely that an announcement made by the official Ragnarok account has reached them. I learned in time that many of the breaking news on Hive - some of them from very popular accounts and shared many times - have yet to reach many of my commenters at least. And that make perfect sense, because people have lives, habits and a number of other people they read regularly. And the more Hive grows, the smaller the slice each of us can cover by ourselves is.

Now that I've digressed enough, let's get back to Ragnarok claim drop.

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I mentioned at the beginning things have changed compared to the initial announcement about how the claim drop will work.

What remained the same?

  • the claim drop started on April 20th, 2022
  • claiming will be possible for one month, after which, if you haven't claimed your tokens, they are forfeited, and will be introduced in the game as rewards for playing it
  • this is a one-time claim, not monthly claims, like in the case of SPK Network

What changed?

  • the token you will claim changed. Instead of Ragnarok Claim Tokens (RCTs), you will claim DUAT (realm of the dead in ancient Egyptian mythology) tokens and you receive 1 DUAT for every HIVE/HP you had in your account(s) on Jan 6
  • RCTs are not out of the picture, and there is this formula linking the two tokens: 1 RCT = ~112 DUATs
  • and finally, the NFTs will be dropped based on this formula: 1 Ragnarok NFT = 1 RCT
  • the site where you can claim your DUAT tokens has changed as well. Instead of, you should now claim your DUAT tokens from this link (it's a link inside the DLUX domain). There is an alternative to use - and it is really easy to use - but you can't see, move or trade your DUAT tokens from this site, you can only claim them. You will need Hive Keychain to claim your tokens.

I recommend that you use their official step-by-step guide.

What wasn't announced is if there will be another intermediary step where we'll have to do something to swap DUATs to RCTs. And then the final step to claim the NFTs using the RCTs.

For me, this process is ok, meaning manageable. For a regular person, keeping track of everything going on and all these relationships and steps is most likely not fun. The interesting part is, the more people don't follow through and give up on claiming their drops, the more rewards remain for those who will play the game competitively.

And something else that Dan confirmed during the CTT. The NFTs we will receive will be random and it will be very difficult to form a complete deck (with 5 pawns and 1 of each gods - king, queen, bishop, knight and rook). And we will need a complete deck to play the game. What I still wonder is if there is a certain drop rate, based on the NFT chess archetype. For example, a higher chance of receiving pawns and a much lower chance to receive a king or a queen. This can be in conjunction with the differentiation between regular and gold cards, that will affect rewards you'll win. And I suppose there will be a lower chance to receive a gold card compared to the regular version.

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