Rise and Shine DEC Saved Goal * My Hive Goals (Week 6, 2023)

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This is a short sum-up table with the state of my goals in easier TLDR form. The table has only some information, so if you want details, they can be found in the post.

Current State/Other Selection CriterionGoals Matching the Criterion
Ongoing4 (HP + HBD Savings, LEO Staked, Comments Made, DEC Saved)
Main goals3 (HP + HBD Savings, LEO Staked, Comments Made)
Goals1 (DEC Saved)
Increased goals1 (HBD target for HP+HBD Main Goal)
Decreased goals0

I include a link to the initial goal-setting post for 2023, for reference, if needed.

For me, this week meant one goal and only one, from the perspective of my Hive goals. And that is DEC saved, as part of my focus on land this year.

I include DEC-B in the same category as DEC for this goal. In fact, it's better, because it will offer me the exact sinks I need for land and I don't get exposed to IL in diesel pools for the short term (which isn't a problem unless I would be forced to withdraw from LPs at a bad time).

I kind of ignored the other goals, and that will be visible from this update, in some areas. I need to start refocusing or my results will suffer going forward.

Let's see what changed since last week regarding my Hive goals.

HIVE Power (HP) + HBD in Savings Main Goal

My staked HP increased slightly organically to 27123 HP. No change in the staked HBD. For now, I'm keeping some liquid HIVE, but I'll decide closer to March 1st if I want to push for another 1k power-up or take it slower this month. The pump after this month' HPUD is still fresh in my mind.

Here's what the evolution of the HP+HBD goal looks like:

I'll need to have one of the targets (HBD or HIVE) reached to consider this goal completed.

As you have seen already with the HBD target, if it becomes too easy, I'll increase the target. But I won't increase it forever. Just like the market can play against your targets, it can play in their favor too.

If last week seemed like I should have increased the HBD target as soon as possible, this week the price movements put that virtual progress in reverse, so I'm not in a hurry to move that target up again.

LEO Staked Main Goal

33 LEO staked during the last week, but I save for the LPUD and only staked 33 LEO to have a round number of LEO staked.

Still a "scary" 900 LEO left to stake in February to meet the 1000 LEO power-up guideline (and not a sizeable amount saved for the LPUD, so it won't make a huge difference). This is likely a too short month to make it happen. But we will see.

Splinterlands Land Expansion Main Focus

Land expansion's main focus extends throughout 2023. Unless I will change the strategy, it will be the only main focus / main goal for Splinterlands in 2023. But there will be several 1-3 months goals.

First Land-Related Goal: DEC Saved

In my update from last week, I said I would likely not rush into DEC-B.

Well, the information changed, and I did. I went all-in.

What changed? Well, I decided a window of opportunity will be closing if I don't go in at the beginning.

I was right about that. By burning VOUCHERs instead of DEC for DEC-B, one could get more than 20% discount on DEC, while the price of VOUCHER was low. But they equalized very quickly after the DEC-B sale started, so there wasn't any difference afterwards. The idea was to have VOUCHERs purchased while they were cheap. Which I did. I don't remember how many additional DEC-B I got because of this move, but I know it was more than 100k more. Which at almost 750k is something.

Comments Made

I started this week with a total of 12452 comments made.

Ended the week with 12542 comments made, which brings the number of my comments this week to 90.

I now need an average of 119 to reach the goal of 18k. I think this is a goal I started to fall behind because I started to be interested in other areas that take time, and comments may be one that takes a hit at the beginning of this year.

Weekly Task - Non-Financial Task: Learn about Linux

This is the first non-financial task I included. Learning about Linux and trying to fix errors with my SPK video encoder was something that occupied a big chunk of my time this week.

While this is not an immediate financial task (like buying a token), it opens up a new domain I will probably pursue further one way or another.

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