Some very happy land owners in Kithden (region 102)

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I am talking about Splinterlands land, obviously.

Yesterday, Land Expansion 1.0 - which brought the possibility to survey land - was released publicly.

Soon after, a serious FOMO was unleashed to claim land from the central area. I wasn't in much hurry, but this morning I did claim and survey my tract too.

Before I get to my tract, I want to remark that there are some very happy land owners in my region 102.

One of the happiest must be the player with the ign chiboullete, who found a Castle with one plot surveyed in tract 3 of Region 102. Now, he is a whale, he also has a region, 3 tracts, and many other single plots, by looking at his assets, but in Kithden he struck luck with the Castle, by the looks of it.

That's not the only thing. By looking at the #land-expansion channel in discord, it seems others pulled very good results after surveying a limited number of plots in the same region.

I'm sure that happened in other regions too. Just a matter of luck.

As you probably figured out by now, that's where I have my tract too.

Potential bad news: I have lots of Canyon plots (60%)

Good news: I have more than the guaranteed number of magic and rare plots.

Great news: I have an Epic Magic on a River plot. I aimed for a great plot on a River or Lake because I already had 2 maxed Water GFLs ready for land, and I would have hated to be forced to sell them and buy different ones. Of course, Legendary Occupied would have been better than Epic Magic at least from the perspective of Land 2.0.

Regarding the potential bad news, that's from the point of view of the terrain type bonuses and penalties. It doesn't have -50% penalties, but it doesn't have +10% bonuses either. And a +5% bonus at the base PP times 5 compared to +10% is an automatic 25% difference on the base PP, which is a lot, even more since it's applied at the base PP.

Why potential bad news and not bad news altogether? Because the team has been saying it is possible to make some changes to improve the value of Canyon and Tundra terrain types, or maybe make more extensive updates. Yes, they can leave it like this too, but when we are talking about 60% Canyon or even less (or Tundra), to have 25% less at the base PP per plot is a major limitation. And I remember Matt saying it doesn't matter what type of terrain you'll choose, it will practically be the same, other than the type of resource you'll produce in Land 2.0. We'll see...

Now that I have surveyed my plots I can plan better for the future. However, the team's decision on updating or not terrain type bonuses and penalties still adds enough uncertainty. But the fact I know the rarity and category of my plots is a great starting point to plan ahead.

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