Testing BeeSwap for a Full Week to See If I Want to Permanently Switch

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We, humans, are creatures of habit. Among many other things, that's why, once we get used to a user interface, we don't just switch to another that does almost the same thing.

Our brain doesn't want to do the work to learn the other UI when we already know something similar. So it needs some persuading. You need to find the benefits of switching to the other UI, if there are any.

Where am I going with this?

When the Hive-Engine sidechain first came out (actually the one from the legacy chain that has recently been shut down), there was only one interface: And we all used it if we wanted to use the sidechain.

As the sidechain became more popular and more projects came to being and grew, more interfaces were created to manage our holdings on H-E.

I don't remember in which order they were created, but I remember that after I tried LeoDex for a while.

As LeoDex fell behind the other interfaces and with the introduction of NFTs and diesel pools on H-E, I moved to other UIs. Particularly to TribalDex, the interface created by the H-E team, which had diesel pool support.

I'm not sure if BeeSwap was around when I decided to switch to TribalDex or if it had diesel pool support at the time or the BXT token.

Anyway, I've been using primarily TribalDex since.

Recently, BeeSwap came out with version 3. There is a DHF proposal too, to support further development and maintenance. Although there are features still missing or disabled, I like what I see so far.

I've used v2 in the past on occasions, but not on a regular basis. I'd like to give it a try for a full week, exclusively, to see how it feels compared to TribalDex and if I find all I need for my routine operations easy to do on Beeswap. It has some special features or information you won't find on other UIs, so that is important when making the final decision. It is also very quick and it also shares fees with BXT stakeholders, but I don't currently hold a significant stake in BXT (slowly growing though).

Why would I want to switch from TribalDex to BeeSwap? Apart from what I said above, my first impression is it may be more applied to my own needs and the way I use H-E. But this week of usage should be revealing if that is true or not.

One thing BeeSwap V3 still doesn't have and that I use for tokens that don't have LPs is the market (order book style). That is what the proposal is for. Hopefully, @gerber will continue development even if the proposal doesn't pass, because I don't see any whale vote behind it yet.

If you are also interested in the BeeSwap interface, @forexbrokr wrote a more informed post as a user of BeeSwap and an investor in BXT. He is a fan!

If you'd like to add why do you like BeeSwap (and maybe what don't you like about it), please use the comments below. Thanks!

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