Sending Money With Beem - Power of True Ownership of Wallets

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In recent months we have been witnessing financial troubles both in fiat and crypto world. The purpose of this post is to demonstrate the powerful solution Hive decentralized blockchain network offers to these problems. There are two solutions Hive can offer to these issues: wealth preservation and true ownership.

Today, US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 9.1%, which was higher than what experts have been expecting. CPI is usually used to indicate the inflation. I personally don't believe CPI is the true representation of the actual inflation. There is an app called Truflation ( that uses 30 data points to calculate the inflation. While it too seems low, it is probably more accurate representation of inflation. Regardless, which metrics and numbers we use, it is evident that inflation has been real for a while now.

The biggest problems that inflation causes ordinary people is their money losing purchasing power. It is a real problem and it seems to be a global phenomenon. Salaries and wages are having a difficulty keeping up with inflation too. It is highly unlikely small and large businesses can offer raises that match the current inflation rates. Especially because many businesses have already suffered losses due to the pandemic.

Hive has been offering 20% APR for HBD in Savings for a while now. HBD itself has been performing really well as a stable-coin despite the volatility in the markets. Smooth suggested pHBD prices as a good indicator how HBD has been holding its peg. It is amazing how it has been working so far. With such stability in value for HBD, we can use it as an USD equivalent. Having some HBD in savings helps us offset the purchasing power losses due to inflation and perhaps even be in profit. That I can call preservation of wealth. I don't know any bank offering this kind of rates/solutions.

Of course Hive is not first blockchain that started offering APR for its stablecoin. We have seen others. And we have seen how UST/LUNA failed. But there are/were also other lending companies and brokerages that have been offering attractive APR for crypto assets and stablecoins deposited on their platforms. We have recently seen how some of those like Celcius and Voyager have been failing. Withdrawals blocked, people can't access their money, and not even sure if they will even be able to get anything back. Others like BlockFi also experiencing financial problems. They may be crypto companies, but they are centralized entities and didn't offer true ownership of assets.

I don't know what will be the future of such crypto companies. What is clear though, the true ownership wallets and assets is what truly empowers ordinary people. Hive has a solution for that as well. It offers true ownership of accounts/wallets and assets in those wallets. True ownership, combining the wealth preservation solution in the form of 20% APR for HBD is really powerful.

There are many front-end apps that allow Hive account holders to interact with their wallets and perform various actions like transfers, power ups, send or receive payments, etc. When we use front-ends Apps we trusting these Apps that they won't engage in malicious actions of stealing our private keys. Hive Apps are very reliable and trustworthy. There are even solutions like Hivesigner and Keychain that remove need for trust as well.

Hive being a blockchain technology, Hive and HBD coins being programmable money, we also have options of performing all wallet actions programmatically too. If we are really strict how we use our active private keys for wallet operations, we don't need to use any other apps or browser extensions either. We can simply write our own code. Of course most will not be doing that. I just wanted to demonstrate how this feature adds more value for Hive as a personal bank.

Writing these few lines of code is not that difficult either. I hope you will see how simple it is when I show you the example below. With a little bit of practice and initial setup, anybody can be able to use Hive money programmatically even with no coding experience.

from beem import Hive 
from beem.nodelist import NodeList 
from beem.account import Account 
if __name__ == "__main__": 
    nodelist = NodeList() 
    nodes = nodelist.get_hive_nodes() 
    hive = Hive(node=nodes, keys=[wif]) 
    account = Account('geekgirl', blockchain_instance=hive) 
    account.transfer('librarian',50,'HIVE','Payment for a book') 
    print('Transfer Complete!') 

I intentionally kept the code very short and simple. All the from lines are importing the dependencies. For this script it is mainly Beem. Beem is a python library to interact with Hive blockchain. Next, getting the nodes/node that will be used in broadcasting the transaction.

We would normally have to hide the private key, even if it is only within our personal script that nobody sees. Alternatively we can use a prompt that will ask us to enter the keys every time we use wallet operations in this manner. Again, for simplicity private key is hardcoded.

We create an account instance and perform the wallet operation. In this case it is transferring 50 Hive to @librarian as a payment for a book. Librarians usually give the books for free, I don't know why I had to send a payment there. lol.

Anyway, the important part is that one line that starts with account.transfer(). We only need to provide four pieces of information: receiving account name, amount, type of the coin (HIVE or HBD), and a memo.

Using this basic template, we can send payments to hundreds, thousands or maybe even millions of accounts in no time. When sending payments to many accounts, it would be a good idea to use time module's .sleep() method between transactions.

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