Ask Leo: Could NFTs be the solution to all our financial problems?

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It's no doubt that people are making thousands of dollars and even millions from NFTs. As a young struggling NFT artists, sometimes I sometimes its hard showing up on twitter some days to promote my works. It could be really draining seeing all those big sales and you are just struggling to sell your work for small Eth.

Despite the fact that we are in the bear market, I have friends who had made thousands of dollars from NFTs within the space of just two months. As we are all crying and concerned about the bear market, people are still buying and selling.

The fact that not just artists can actually make money from NFTs makes me think if it could be the solution to our financial problems especially during this bear market period. Now the most amazing part of this is, you dont have to be a creative before you can make money from NFTs. People makes lots of cash just by flipping NFTs (projects). Some people don't even buy, they engage in giveaway tweets, engage in their discords activities and if they get lucky they are gifted with some really cool NFTs. After that, they in turn flip those NFTs and make more money despite not paying a dime to acquire it.

Lot of people are going into photography because its selling more now. The photographers in the space has a tight niche and they support each other. There are even lots of top photographers who are collectors and we both know they will priorities photography while buying. Due to this, even people that aren't photographers are pumping into that form of art in order to make sales and you won't be surprised that they actually sell.

My point now is that, NFT is not limiting. You can sell virtually almost anything that can be digitalized. Poems, music, art, pictures, memes, short videos and many more. Since this is a know facts, is it OK for us all to go into it and make some quick cash even though its not our passion? NO. NFTs are more than that. It's more than just making quick money or sell fake arts. It's more about passion and drive. Even if you start for fews weeks faking the whole thing, you will eventually get tired and give up. The NFT spaces isn't a joke. Passion keeps you going on the long run. There are lots of things involved that people that are not in the space dont know. They look from afar and see people cashing out and selling but its not like that. It is both physically and mentally draining. Only the strongest can survive. Having dope arts doesn't even guarantee a sale. You'd have to grind and grind, show up everyday, relate with people, kiss ass if possible. Along the line you might even forget whu you create and once you lose focus and start chasing money, you lose the essence of your arts. Even the flipping part has its own stress trust me.

Therefore in answer to my question, NFTs isn't the solution to our financial problems. But can it be? Definitely. One thing I want to clear off people's mind is that its just for artists alone. No, it's for everyone. If you have a special gift that can be digitalized and it's true to you, please join the space. Share your gifts to the world and make money while doing so. But if Greed is your reason towards it, I'm afraid it might be difficult to make it.


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