Unplanned Trip with the Unexpected Vistors

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Mary Grace Tapales
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Hi hivers! How are you? I hope that everyone is doing well. If not, let's just try to feel better, shall we? Anyway, I stated in my last blog that I'm getting better. But time has been testing me lately, so I was mistaken. Day by day, I was filled with negativity, and I felt lesser and lesser.

I write a blog, but I fail to finish it on time because I can't focus. I don't have much motivation for doing so. I made an effort to interact too, but I'm finding it difficult to inspire and encourage you all if this is who I am. So I decided to distance myself from a few social media platforms in the meantime because I needed to bring back my focus. And now I'm back, ready to rock again. I am ready to share with you my thoughts and hear yours, too. So please allow me to share my draft that has been stacked for weeks.

Everything happened on January 10, 2024. I woke up one gloomy afternoon with a horrible nightmare. It's about my mom, death, and regrets. I was so scared at that time because those dreams appeared repeatedly. So, out of aspiration that it would never happen again, I decided to go to church and pray. But before that, I asked my brother if he, along with her girlfriend, wanted to join me, and he told me that he had an awful nightmare too. So, they agreed immediately. The original plan was to go to St. Niño Church to pray and also to tour her girlfriend so that she could visit the church for the very first time.

We are planning to have two rides. The first Jeepney that we had was going to Pardo, and then the second one was supposedly from Laray. However, when we arrive at Pardo, we feel a little bit hungry, so we decide to eat first. We went to one of Pardo's best stores to eat tuslob buwa for the first time. To those who didn't know, tuslob buwa is one of the best-selling street foods in Cebu City. It is self-service cooking with the main dish of puso and pigs brain blended with pork liver.

Food tastes better when cooked together. These two are the ones I'm talking about earlier. I'm happy to introduce you to my brother and his girlfriend. They are cooked for the night. They helped each other, and gladly, it ended up with a good result. As a matter of fact, we finished two sets of buwa. It might be because of love, which serves as an ingredient that adds to its deliciousness.

And, in case you are wondering what I'm up to this time, I'm actually eating and snapping pictures in the corner. My presence might already be a big contribution to these two HAAHAHAH.

Just some feedback on this store: the atmosphere is really nice. The accommodations are so good, and the food was incredibly satisfying, delicious, and enjoyable.

It's almost 8 p.m. when we finished eating dinner, and I realized that it's almost time for the St. Niño Church to close. So, we decided to go to Pardo Church instead, hoping that it was still open. Sadly, the church was already closed when we arrived, but luckily we can still light up candles beside the church and do our prayers.

After that, my brother suggested that we go on another trip. He asked us to visit one of the best cities in Cebu, which is Naga City. I agreed directly because it's always been my dream to visit Naga again. My plan was to do it before the year 2023 ends, but due to my busy schedule, I wasn't able to do so. Anyway, this is still my second time visiting this place. Let's take a look at how beautiful it is. Let's go!!

I was amazed upon arriving there because the Christmas lights and designs are still available to be embraced. I thought I would miss all of it, but I didn't, and I'm so happy for it. If you are on my side, you can surely still feel the beauty of Christmas.

We can't resist searching for locations, posting, and taking photos in this incredibly beautiful area. We try to capture as many photos as we can since we don't want to miss any opportunities. Starting from this picture with the beautiful lady.

Next to it is the tallest Christmas tree that I've ever seen. This is incredibly tall and amazing in person. We're actually having a hard time capturing this tree because of the lights incompatibility. To the point that we need to retake it multiple times until Angel, my future sister-in-law, photographs it so perfectly.

While continuously roaming around and searching for a good spot again, something alluring catches our attention. We've seen something like a house or a castle (I'm not sure). With a message stating, "Christmas Capital of the South,". This only proves how great and admirable Naga City is.

If you did visit this place, I'm sure that you will never get bored because this place has more to offer. You can see different booths wherein you can take pictures for yourself, your friends, and your loved ones. And if you're looking for a place where you can freely move your body, you can find it here too. They have a gym that is open to all, where you can do basketball and any activity applicable to do. Below are some examples.

Aside from that, have you ever dreamed of going to Cordova to watch the 10,000 roses but haven't done it due to some circumstances? If you are, then we are on the same page. There was a stunning group of roses that we encountered in that place while wandering around. Looking at these roses makes me fantasize about being present in the Cordova and gives me a greater feeling of enthusiasm.

Moving forward, since we're all done having a glimpse of Naga's Park, let's now take a look at its boardwalk. Naga's Boardwalk is bound with peace and serenity. The wind is so refreshing, and it's good for unwinding. Here, you can see a closer view of the sea. The water are clears, and gazing upon adorable fish offers.

There is also an area here where you can hang a padlock that will symbolize your unending and immovable love for each other.

I hereby end my blog with a quotation:
"Love, hope, and faith are the strongest foundations of every relationship. Be true even if they can't do it for you, but learn to say no if they are abusing your value."

Additional photos:

Thank you for your time 🤗 until next time💗💗