Monte Alban, in the land of the Zapotec Indians. November 22

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Once the capital of the Zapotec civilisation, the ancient city of Monte Alban, stands some 1300 ft above the valley floor overlooking the town of Oaxaca. And a perfect defensive advantage, at its peak 17,000 inhabitants were resident.

The Great Plaza

The Plaza, was constructed flat by the levelling off of the Ridge Mountain surface, quite a feat, and measures some 45,000 sq. yds in the centre of the 2.5 sq. mile site. It was the focal point for celebration and ritual.

The descendants of the Zapotecs still live in the area, though this, their former capital was abandoned circa 850 CE.

Unlike Teotihuacan these structures were open to visitors, up we go apparently the views are amazing.

The South Platform

Just like to say, fuck me that was not easy. Steep slippery stone steps at quite an incline.

But yep the views were pretty damn good, over the site and also Oaxaca in the valley below

Now there was just them damn steps to negotiate, I always find going down more difficult than getting up. I did think about going down on my derriere like a kiddy, but I don't think I could stand the shame.

Los Danzantes Of Monte Alban

There is an area containing over 300 stone slabs known as "the dancers", there is myth and legend as to what they depict, although called the dancers a theory suggests that these are images of captives who have been slain. There is nothing to support this as in battle it is the victor who is imortalised. It remains a mystery.

Some say on this stone the figure displays exposed entrails, others (me included) go with a rather hairy and unkempt hedge of pubes.

Yeuch! pass the Veet.

Why do some people annoy me?

There is at Monte Alban a nice little coffee shop, offset at the back of the museum. It was good to sit and rest my weary bones and enjoy liquid refreshment. Yes coffee, not beer on this occasion.

Flying and darting between the branches of the trees I eventually thought "Wow! humming birds", never seen one before. Out came the camera.

Now, the majority of my travelling companions were content going to the bog or also enjoying a coffee, savouring the moment, enjoying the peace and quiet, the serenity of a coffee on a mountain top, not poured out of a thermos flask.

BUT, a big but, a fucking big but, if you will....

.......Here am I concentrating, snapping away, when I was interrupted by one of the group, who I later found out was......
a twat,
a twitcher,
NO, a seriously annoying twat.

Trying to tell me all about humming birds , how many different types there were.... blah blah blah, and that he had his "Birds of Central America Book" in his rucksack, if I wanted to see it.

Fuck off!!!!.

That is why some people annoy me, and, I am just an unsociable git!

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