A Fruit Blessing on The Homestead

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Now that the temperatures are dropping at my homestead, it is freeze-drying season!

I couldn't let all of this fruit from my trees go to waste and freeze-drying is the perfect way to perserve them for up to 30 years!

I couldn't believe how much fruit was on my trees this year. Last year none of my trees produced any fruit. This was also the same for neighbors in my area. There was just something off about the season. But this year the harvest has been great!

I have an entire highlight about my freeze dryer on my personal blog Unboxing Harvest Right Freeze Dryer and How To Setup a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. I have a size medium Harvest Right that I LOVE!

Dehydrators seem similar but don’t get the moisture out like a freeze dryer does. Moisture will ruin a food storage, so that’s why freeze dryers are used for long term storage. Paired with Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, they are unbeatable. Rehydrating with water could be a problem for some as compared to canning where you can have ready-to-go meals in a jar (which I also love!) Every food preservation method has its ups and downs.

I enjoy these freeze-dried apples without reconstituting with water - they’re crunchy and tasty! I love making freeze-dried snacks for fun and it turns out I have an abundance of apples and am in need of snacks, so why not make some freeze-dried apples? They taste like freeze-dried candy to me!

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