THORChain - #RUNE up 24% $5+ Coming - What's' Next? I am coming for YOU #HBD...

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Hey All,

If you align yourself with THORChain maximalism, the current surge in $RUNE price is up by 24% and presently trading around $4.90+, is likely to bring us all JOY and specially to those who HODL RUNE. As anticipated in one of my earlier posts on the Hive blog, it appears that the ascent to $5+ is imminent. In my previous discussion titled "RUNE on FIRE - Is $4+ around the Corner #thorchain," I highlighted the noteworthy development of THORChain holding over 1K+ BTC (Bitcoins) in its vaults, as reported a few weeks ago. You can find more details in the post here. The entire global cryptocurrency market is on RISE with todays market cap trading is above $1.45+ Trillion, which is like almost 0.3+% UP in the last 24 hours, so overall a positive momentum being build around the crypto verse and I hope this just continues as we enter the BULL phase.

My RUNE Stake & Plan Ahead...

*THORChain stands as a decentralized liquidity protocol, providing users with the assurance that 100% of their assets remain under their own control. Personally, I've been holding over 4K+ #rune tokens for a considerable duration, with the intention to wait until its value surpasses $5 before exchanging it for #hbd. Subsequently, I plan to deposit all acquired HBD into savings account, benefiting from a respectable Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 20% on the #hive Blockchain. Witnessing the substantial progress of RUNE, exemplified by today's significant strides and those observed in recent weeks, brings me closer to achieving my set goal. RUNE is almost there and I need to just start executing my plan of converting RUNE for HIVE and then HBD. So here is the plan that I am going to follow in order to swap all my 4K+ RUNE:::

  • Phase1 - convert 1K RUNE at a price of $5 for HIVE and then HIVE to HBD and park that all 5K HBD in savings. EXECUTED... :-) 5K+ coming to HBD Soon... order being placed...NOW...

  • Phase2 - wait for another big stride on the price of RUNE and if it crosses the $8+ mark then swap another 1K RUNE for HIVE

  • Phase3 - the final execution where the remaining 2K RUNE will be swapped for HIVE and the price of RUNE I am looking here is $10+

So in all if I am able to execute all these 3 phases as planned then I should be able to have the 4K+ RUNE give me around 33K [Phase 1 - 5K + Phase 2 - 8K+ and Phase 3 - 20K+ = 33K] HBD in savings. Is that really possible is the question? According to me YES... when I can see RUNE for $1+ reach almost $5 then why not $10+ so its very possible that I should be able to get 33K HBD is savings with my current RUNE Holdings just that I need to stick to my plan as described above. So hopefully in a day or two that first phase will be executed - who know it could be today as well... RUNE to the Mooon Sooon.... cheers

Have Your Say on Thorchain - $RUNE - DEX - Saver Vault?

Are you invested in $RUNE? Did you hear about this news on THORFi Lending, Savers Vault? Tried Savers Vault? Can $RUNE hit $5+ mark from here? Are platforms like @Lends_so, @BrokkrFinance, @THORSwap fully DEX? Can we consider funds on these platforms SAFE? Are they PURE DEX as claimed? Would love to hear your thoughts around it in the comment box below? Cheers

THORChain - #rune up 24% $5+ Coming - What's' Next? I am coming for YOU #hbd...

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PS:- None of the above is a FINANCIAL Advice. Please DYOR; Do your own research. I've an interest in Blockchain & Cryptos and have been investing in many emerging projects..cheers