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Elon Musk recently warned that Twitter will likely undergo several questionable changes in the coming months. As users and promoters of the platform, it's crucial to adapt to these modifications by retaining strategies that work and altering those that don't.

By staying agile and responsive to changes in the social media landscape will ensure that we continue to communicate effectively and maintain a strong online presence on our Hive marketing effort.

Twitter's algorithm has undergone significant changes recently, with over 30 modifications. One of the product growth experts on Twitter shared insights about these updates in a recent tweet thread. I want to discuss the main takeaways from this thread and explore how the Hive community can take advantage of these changes to effectively promote the platform on Twitter.

Key Changes in Twitter's Algorithm:

  • Likes and retweets matter less: The old weights for likes, retweets, and replies have been replaced. The new algorithm calculates the probability of actions and applies weights accordingly.

  • Conversation is the new king: The new ranking of positive signals prioritizes conversation, with reply-to-reply interactions holding the highest weight.

  • Clicks are important: Encouraging users to click on links or profiles is crucial, as clicks hold significant weight in the new algorithm.

  • Long content performs well: Threads and long tweets that can keep users engaged for over two minutes receive higher weight.

  • Video and images matter less: The algorithm doesn't assign much weight to video views or images, so they should be used sparingly and strategically.

  • Negative signals matter a lot: Tweet reports and actions like "Show less often," "Block," and "Mute" carry heavy negative weights.

  • Ukraine is now a kosher topic: The safety label for the Ukraine Crisis has been removed, meaning you can post about it without algorithmic penalties.

  • No link penalty: In my opinion, this is great news for the Hive posh visibility or Hive as a whole as we are trying to share hive links on Twitter.

How Hive Can Take Advantage of the New Twitter Algorithm:

  1. Prioritize conversation: Engage with users through thoughtful replies and encourage reply-to-reply interactions. This will help improve the visibility of Hive-related tweets.

  2. Share valuable content: Share informative and engaging long-form content, such as blog posts and articles about Hive, to keep users engaged for longer periods.

  3. Optimize links and profiles: Include relevant links to Hive resources and ensure that your profile is updated and informative to encourage users to click and explore further.

  4. Use multimedia strategically: Incorporate videos and images only when they add value to your tweets and are likely to be viewed or interacted with by users.

  5. Avoid negative signals: Share content that is unlikely to generate negative reactions, such as reports or blocks. Focus on positive, informative, and engaging posts about Hive. (I guess @doze will likely love this part)

  6. Participate in relevant discussions: Join conversations about the Ukraine Crisis or topics that are subject to censorship and share how Hive's decentralized platform can contribute to these discussions. Personally, I have doubts about which topic is subject to censorship.


The recent changes in Twitter's algorithm emphasize the importance of conversation, engagement, and valuable content. By prioritizing interactions, sharing informative resources, and participating in relevant discussions, the Hive community can effectively promote the platform on Twitter and attract new users.

By the way this is the cheat sheet I have [stolen from Twitter]( to use to our own advantage :))

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