In This Present Economic Situation Bitcoin Is Still Favorable

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In the modern day financial world, bitcoin has become more relevant in the context of the traditional financial method. The current large scale micro setup forming for bitcoin, is said to be attributed to the Untied States economy which is in a position where it has to issue more dollars to service it's debt.

Clemente whom happens to be an economic analyst says that- Why would you not just continue debasing the debt away? At this point, we have continued to do so for so long that the amount of debt we’ve accumulated relative to GDP (gross domestic product) leaves only one realistic option to avoid defaulting, which is monetary debasement.

Many would consider the structure of what the US is doing to be a Ponzi scheme, as they issue debt that’s paid down by issuing more monetary units and newly issued debt. The continuous printing of money which is the Feds Reserve method of combating with inflation out of all the risk asset class bitcoin will still remain the best performing risk asset class.

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