We visited Gatabaru Rajamaha Vihara in Deniyaya, a revered place of pilgrimage for Sri Lankan devotees. We seized the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the beauty of the surrounding environment and reconnect with our deep religious devotion.

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Hello dear hive friends,

Good morning, all my hive friends! Yesterday was Sunday, offering a truly relaxing weekend. On that day, my family and I made plans to visit a serene area with my brother. Our destination was Gatabaru Raja Maha Viharaya and the tranquil town of Deniyaya. Gatabaru Raja Maha Viharaya is situated 60 km away from my village, nestled atop a hill between Morawaka and Deniyaya along the Akurassa-Deniyaya road. To reach the cave shrine (temple) and the stupa, some climbing is required, although roads have been developed for vehicle access.

The temple is now popular for worshipping gods, attracting people who come to pray or make vows. According to historical accounts, God Gatabaru is regarded as a manifestation of the darker aspect of God Kataragama. Additionally, the annual Esala Perahera takes place at Gatbaru Maha Dewala. However, our visit aimed to appreciate its natural surroundings and architectural marvels. Unfortunately, some areas were restricted, preventing us from taking photographs.

Gatabaru Rajamaha Viharaya

And this ancient temple stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the island. The temple complex is an architectural wonder, showcasing a harmonious fusion of traditional Sri Lankan design elements and intricate decorative motifs. Surrounding the main temple are several smaller stupas, meditation halls, and pavilions, each providing a serene space for contemplation and introspection. The temple grounds are embellished with lush gardens, ancient trees, and serene ponds, fostering a tranquil and peaceful ambiance ideal for meditation and inner reflection. Below are some photos of the temple.

Yesterday marked an unforgettable trip for me and my brothers as we embarked on a journey to visit the sacred Gatbaruwa Rajamaha Vihara, eager to immerse ourselves in the deep spiritual and cultural heritage of this ancient temple. Our anticipation grew with every mile as we traversed the scenic landscapes of rural Sri Lanka, where lush countryside unfolded before us like a tapestry of natural beauty. Along the way, we paused to capture some pictures of the distant mountains.

We embarked on this trip using our motorcycles, which allowed us to fully appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. For this journey, we packed breakfast and lunch from home to ensure our bodies received nourishing meals. Our breakfast stop was near a picturesque lake in the Morawaka area, where we enjoyed our meal, known as Ahara, amidst the serene setting. It was a truly unique experience.

We also explored the temple grounds and were amazed at the beauty of the main temple. Inside we blessed the Buddha statue and prayed for guidance in our lives. Throughout our visit, we shared the sense of peace and tranquility that pervaded the temple grounds.

Finally, this journey brings us a comforting thought.

Thank you Reading.