Let's Vote For Hive To Get Listed on Quidax Exchange

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On the 25th of May, 2020 at exactly 8:53am, one of our team members on Hive Bootcamp Hub with hive username @emekasegun approached an indigenous exchange called Quidax Exchange requesting that HIVE should be listed on the exchange. Quidax Exchange replied him saying they would send his request to their product lab for consideration.

After waiting for a over a month, @emekasegun reminded Quidax about his request to get HIVE listed on their exchange by dropping a tweet and tagging them in the tweet. Two days after, Quidax conducted a voting between HIVE and other coins with the intention that whichever coin wins the poll will be listed on Quidax Exchange.

Therefore, we will be requesting for you help to get HIVE listed on Quidax Exchange. All you need to do is click on this tweet below and vote for HIVE.

### Why Should Hive be Listed on Quidax?

Quidax is an exchange the makes it easy to Buy and Sell cryptocurrencies with your local currency. Therefore, getting HIVE listed on Quidax will sure make it easy for the Common man to buy and sell HIVE tokens without any difficulty.

Kudos to @emekasegun for helping to push this. Please, Go Vote Now!

This is the time to get more serious with things

The Hive Bootcamp Hub Team ain't tired and we are very determined and focused to see you guys prosper and successful as a content creator and Crypto Enthusiast both on Hive and beyond.

All we need is your support

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It's our passion to make sure that the Hive ecosystem continue to grow and we believe the best way to go about this is to take actions that will help bring in new users and educate them on the things that they need to know to be a successful content creator and crypto Enthusiast on Hive.

This is just the beginning of great things on Hive Bootcamp Hub, as we look forward to enhancing, simplifying and making easy the onboarding process of newbies on Hive.

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In Hive Bootcamp Hub, We Nurture For A Brighter Hive Future

Latest Update

We planned on moving to discord completely before the end of June and we've got interesting plans in place to make sure things get better with Hive Bootcamp Hub so that we all can grow Hive together as one.

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The Hive Bootcamp Hub Roadmap

  • We plan on hosting a tutorial class every Saturdays of the week.

  • More effective measures to onboard new users and promote the Hive Blockchain will be put in place as we progress.

  • There are plans to move our classes to Telegram in the future due to the limited number of participants whatsapp can take.

  • A weekly or bi-weekly publication of our activities will be published to the Hive community.

  • We plan to hold webinars to facilitate our Hive Bootcamp classes in the future.

  • There's also the plan to organize contests and giveaways for newbies using part of the funds generated from post payout of @hivebootcamphub Hive account to encourage them

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