Feedback from the September 1st Hive Power Up Day

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This month was the second Hive Power Up Day (PUD) organized in cooperation with @hivebuzz. As always, it has been a fun day and we are delighted to see how Hive users responded to it!

We made several changes for the September edition:

  1. The minimum amount to power-up has been lowered to 10 HIVE
  2. We introduced the new Power-Bee levels
  3. We updated our website with a brand new "Challenges"
  4. We have added a countdown timer to help users with a time zone other than UTC (i.e. most of us)

A few words from the PUD organizer


September's Power Up Day was nothing short of wicked awesomesauce!

I saw so many people posting and tweeting about powering up, and I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 130 posts I've reblogged (and shout out to @fionasfavourites who managed somehow to drop a comment on every single one!).

Thank you to the HiveBuzz team for creating such an amazing BUZZ for our blockchain home!

What are the PUD stats of this month?

Let's first have a look at how it went throughout the day.

New participants joined on a regular basis just as there were no big spikes in the powered-up amounts. We finally reached an amount of 74,998 HIVE powered-up at the end of the day. It's a bit less than the last edition, but it's still an excellent score.

Let's now compare with the previous editions of the PUD.

Wow, this time we have a boom in the number of PUD participants. A total of 330 users did power-up at least 10 HIVE on September 1st (UTC time). This is an impressive increase of 36% !!!

We assume that lowering the minimum requirement really motivated more people to participate. Welcome to all the these PUD newcomers!

What about the power-up amounts by each and the mysterious new levels? Here is the distribution of the number of participants by level

And here is the distribution rule now revealed:

Level 1 - User powered up at least 10 HIVE
Level 2 - User powered up at least 50 HIVE
Level 3 - User powered up at least 100 HIVE
Level 4 - User powered up at least 500 HIVE
Level 5 - User powered up at least 1000 HIVE

Guess some of you must be thinking they should have powered-up a bit more HIVEs ๐Ÿ˜

Become a Sponsor

Some amazing members of the Hive community are supporting the PUD by providing the event with prizes like delegations or giveaways. Another very appreciated way to motivate people to join.

More information on @traciyork's post.

If you want to become a sponsor of the PUD project as well, please get in touch with her.

See you soon...

We look forward to seeing you again next month.

We have prepared other surprises for you but ... shhh, we won't say more except that that everyone who participated in the last two editions has already taken a step ahead.

See you on October 1st!

_HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange_