World Cup Contest - New Sponsor and Prizes - dCrops adds 30000 CROP and 300 NFTs

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Only two days ago we announced our contest and since then we have seen some madness around it: stream of people registering to participate, new sponsors wanting to be part of it, posts in the World Cup 2022 Community,... it doesn't seem to want to stop.

Every day has its good news.

Yesterday, it was @ecency adding 50,000 Ecency Points to the prize pool. Today it's the turn of dCrops to join the list of sponsors with a package of prizes for contest participants.


  • 30,000 CROP tokens will be distributed in the same way as the HIVE prize pool.

  • 100 dCrops BETA edition packs (each priced at $3) will be distributed among the top 93 participants as folow:
    1st place: 5 packs 2nd place: 3 packs 3rd place: 2 packs 4th to 93th place: 1 pack
    Each pack contains 3 NFTs which you can use to play dCrops and earn CROP tokens.

Once again, this is absolutely awesome! We are truly impressed by the generosity of our sponsor.

About dCrops

dCrops is a crypto-collectible game where you are put in the shoes of a farmer. You have complete control of your farm where you can grow various crops.

Climb the leaderboard and get rewarded with CROP tokens. Hodl your assets and increase your CROP power to get daily hive rewards. Complete quests to earn mystery seeds and other items!

Check out their website at

Thank you @dcrops and @scriptkittie for being so amazing and supportive of our contest.

Have fun and good luck to all participants!

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