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Join me Live in the HiveCoffee Discord Now!

Tonight's guest is @thelogicaldude and we talked about Hive and

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@HiveCoffee is a new show where I drink Coffee and talk to Hivvers. Join the HiveCoffee Discord chat so we can have a conversation about what interests you. I have a schedule here and I intend to fill it up! Please volunteer below and tell me what you would like to discuss.

Tag someone you would like to see. Who will be my guest tonight?


HiveCoffee #3 with DisregardFiat - VR

I had a great chat yesterday with @DisregardFiat on the HiveCoffee Discord

Visit dlux - @dlux-io


Digital spaces responsive across mobile, desktop, and headset all connected via tags and the Hive social network.


Help me tell Hive stories!

When did you sign up? When did it get really exciting for you? What do you love about it right now? What problems are you trying to solve?

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