A Tree That Can Solve Generational Needs

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Most times there is work we Embark on we expect to yield fruits in a very short time, but the truth remains that some seeds take longer than they order to prove fruits.

*I will be giving you a little story about a coconut tree

The coconut tree is one of the trees that stays longer before it produces inflorescence. The one's that grows very tall will last about 6 to 9 years before it starts producing for consumption and the short tree will stay about 3 years before it starts producing. For this number of years that it will stay before production, it will take the owners lots of tending for those number of years.

If you feel that it is taking too much time and neglect to tend it, when it gets to the time of production it will not give you good yields. That is to say, the inflorescence you get in the later years is a result of how well or badly you tended the tree at a very young age.

This reminds me of one coconut tree my father planted. I can't tell where he got that from but the truth is that he never ate of it before he died. After about 7 years after his death, the coconut started producing. I remember then we go to the village to harvest 3 bunch then shield them to go and sell for money in the city. That particular coconut kept producing until some of my Dads ๐Ÿ‘จ siblings who do not progress killed it.

Those years before it started producing my mother will always go and dress it then when we pack some dirty after sweeping we go and pour it there we kept doing that until it began to produce.

Coconut is an economic tree that doesn't require much space and the roots will not have a great impact on the foundation of the house. Now I plan to get a good coconut and still plant it in my plot because I know the economic importance. One tree can settle a child's school fees to an extent.

Relating this story now to our personal development, there is work we do now that when we consider the process and the outcome there is no relationship because the result is not to be compared. But just keep at it, see in a short while you will be happy you paid the price.

In your waiting process learn how not to compare yourself with another person, your making process is different because of what is ahead of you to handle

I hope this sounds like an encouragement to someone this morning.

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