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@HODLCommunity presents to you the 26th LeoFinance Curation Post

We feel very excited as we think we will address one of the most important issues on the platform: Curation.

We truly hope, big stakeholders will support this initiative in order to spread rewards to some amazing writers.

*Our goal is to support content creators and generate qualitative interactions between LeoFinance users.

We will set a 5% beneficiary for every author selected in this curation report.

So Lions 🐯, let's roll !

NFTs mad or what? by @hawk-eye

Who is Behind the $3.7 Million CryptoPunk NFT Purchase of Ethereum? To view this transaction, you can do so through “Etherscan”. Without further suspense, the recent CryptoPunk NFT purchase is Gary Vaynerchuk.

“Gary Vaynerchuk” is a well-known 46-year-old entrepreneur from the USA and is one of the first investors in Uber, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr… Gary confirmed the purchase in a tweet yesterday: Gary is a longtime fan of all things cryptocurrency. Speaking with the source in May, Gary said his success in the NFT space would not be determined by quick cash grabs or quick investments...

Cryptopunks are making many NFT artists jealous due to the value attributed to each piece of this collection. Just recently, we saw 3 new purchases of these NFTs for millions. In this post, you can learn about an NFT investor's point of view as well as some information about Cryptopunks. Obviously, we will discuss a lot about the price of these NFTs in the near future 😄

What I Think About NFT Music by @readthisplease

Music is an art of sound that is largely enjoyed by mass audience. If music is turned to NFT will it be subjected to just one listener? Let me use a clearer example to express the feeling, imagine Beyoncé releasing her album and it’s an NFT, Beyoncé has over 100 million fans in the world, this fans want to listen to Beyoncé’s new album. If she turns the album into an NFT, that means only one person can buy it and listen to it, and that person must be very rich compare to the other 100 million fans.

We have seen myriad types of NFTs from piece of art to NFTs with utility like Splinterlands cards. Here we are discussing the possibility of turning music and movies into NFT forms to sell the rights of these things. As it is mentioned by our author, the musical-NFTs, or whatever name we will give, are likely to attract the attention of many artists all around the globe. There are already some well-known musicians working on them.

What do you think about the future of NFT Music? Will it be limited to the owner ship or will there be premium features 😄

How often should you compound your CAKE pools? by @felipejoys

What to do when you want to stake in a pool? You have to understand compounding has a small cost to it. If you don't stake a high enough amount of CAKE, you won't earn as much as the daily compounding fees will cost you. So the amount of times you want to stake is directly correlated to the amount of money you're investing in a pool.

The only time you want to stake in the auto pool is when you don't want to be bothered with manually compounding your gains every now and then, even if that means earning less, which is okay depending on the rest of your financial life.

But otherwise, you should use this free app: - it's an incredible tool.

Let's talk about compounding our farms on PancakeSwap. Once CUB Finance was launched, we were trying hard to find the best time to harvest the earnings and compound them on the platform. While the APY and market conditions were making things complicated, we could more or less successfully managed to grow our portfolio. Here you are given a nice tool by the author enabling you to do calculations for you to grow your investment according to mathematics 🤓 Check it out guys 🕵🏼‍♂️

Top 10 SMT Smart Media Tokens you can earn while using Hive blockchain by @zaibkang

Today I am going to to shares with you some top smt tokens which you can earnd easily while using hive blockchain remember all these tokens are transferable to other hive users and can be traded or converted into hive coin by using, hive engine also have its own token call BEE token which you can purchase on along with all other smt tokens there are more then hundred smt tokens available for trading and swap, I am going to Shar with you only my top picks.

This nice post addresses new Hiver who joined the party with Splinterlands or CUB Finance. In Hive ecosystem, there are several front-end options as well as tokens that can be used with your related posts. Even for experienced Hivers, this post may refresh your memory about our tribes and their tokens. For instance, I realized that I have never visited the website of Build-it and Blog tribes. Shame on me, right 😏

Games For @joannewong

Before you start your trading journey using real money, there are games you can play to get yourself familiar with. You can play the game to get a better understanding of Trading which involves market structure, price action, candlestick, pattern, trendline and etc. Every person has their own interpretation/view/definition of Trading to them.

To me, this game teaches about Risk Management. At the same time, get to know whether you're discipline, when did the emotion start to take control to make decisions, identify your bias lead to you making 1 decision, identify how do you feel during the game and etc. Do you blow out the account or not.

I did not know about the existence of such a nice simulator game that is specifically designed for traders who want to gain experience in terms of technical analysis. As you can understand from the name of the game (Gamesfortraders), you will be dealing with candlesticks to great extent😄

I can also suggest new traders to create demo accounts on exchanges (there are such features on some of them) and try to trade cryptocurrencies successfully. Since this market is full of risks, it is better to gain experience either through games or demo accounts ✌

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