Holozing Background Art Contest Results & Calendar Bonus reveal

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Hey everyone! Hope you've had an amazing start to the new year, in this post we'll be going through the winners of the [background creature contest]( we hosted a couple weeks ago. Thank you to everyone who participated, it was quite a successful one with so many entries it took us a long time to look and curate through them all.

After careful consideration, our judges came to a unanimous decision to select the top 3 winners and a few honorable mentions. Let's get on with it!

Starting with our honorable mentions, congratulations to

@jijisaurart, their entry can be found here. @mario02, their entry can be found here. and @japex1226 their entry can be found here.

Now we head to the podium, congratulations to the runners-up

@victoradebiyiart, their entry can be found here. @solumviz, their entry can be found here.

and the winner goes to

@deddywox, their entry can be found here


Our initial plans were to reward 3 winners but due to the massive amount of participants and amazing entries, we decided to scale it to 5 and increase the Hive rewards given out than initially planned. Our plans were also to purchase the rights to use the winning background for the official game and invite the artist over to work with us, instead we will be offering this to 2 of the winning artists, congratulations @deddywox and @victoradebiyiart, please join our Discord and get in touch with us to discuss things in more detail. We look forward to working with you both!

1st place: @deddywox - 98 HIVE, 500 POSH and 5000 ZING (& purchase of rights for bg & hire) 2nd place: @victoradebiyiart - 70 HIVE, 300 POSH and 3000 ZING (& purchase of rights for bg & hire) 3rd place: @solumviz - 42 HIVE, 200 POSH and 2000 ZING 4th place: @jijisaurart - 28 HIVE 5th place: @mario02 - 21 HIVE 6th place: @japex1226 - 21 HIVE

We hope you all had a lot of fun participating and thank everyone again, the Hive community is amazing when it comes to creativity!

Calendar Bonus reveal

We recently sent out the ZING bonus to all claimers based on how many days they claimed their ZING rewards, a total of 37,002 ZING was distributed. Half of it during December and half just now through the @holozing account. While this was not a lot of value, keep in mind this is ZING that @poshtoken sponsored, we didn't just create it out of thin air to inflate the token. We hope though that the next perk will be something you'll like hearing as well!

A Hiver-only discount

This will be a unique discount limited only to Hive users who've registered before this announcement and claimed rewards during the December Calendar. We didn't want to make it public what it will be to avoid attempts at cheating it with account farms and for that, this discount is not something that will be repeated in the future. At the same time, it's going to reward a lot of those who've been eager and good at claiming their ZING rewards daily and for some proper value this time around!

How does it work?

The ZING amount you received today represents the number of unique days you claimed during December. The other thing it represents will be a % discount on your first Starter Pack and Healer purchase on Hive-engine when the sale starts!

If you claimed 31 out of 31 unique days during December, you will get the maximum of 31% discount when purchasing your first Starter pack and Healer NFT!

Think of it as a coupon, the more times you've claimed, the higher the discount on your coupon.

Here are some stats on claims during December:

Amount ZINGAccount Count

166 accounts claimed a perfect score! How amazing is that, really shows how excited people are for our project when so many claimed daily during the holiday season. Out of the current 1574 registered accounts, 1005 claimed rewards during December!

Keep in mind, that the discount will only work for 1 pack and 1 healer, you will only be able to purchase 1 pack at a time when using your coupon and the discount will stay on your account until the healer sale goes live to give you the discount then as well.

Quick maths; let's assume the starter pack will cost $20 while the healer will cost $50, if you have a 30% discount you will be able to purchase a starter pack for $14 instead and a healer for $35 saving you quite a few Hive for your next packs!

More info on the approaching Starter Sale coming soon, stay tuned and have a wonderful 2024!

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