Hive Zealy Outreach Campaign: It's Not Too Late To Join The Campaign

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Happy weekend to everyone on the hive blockchain. Today I bring good news and a chance for you to grow your hive account and gain more exposure on the hive blockchain. A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the ongoing hive zealy outreach campaign which has been going on for about some weeks now. The purpose of this campaign is to bring more users into hive and also get old users who have been away to come back and be active on the hive blockchain.

The zealy campaign has been fun for me and I know other participants are having a great time in the campaign. I have been able to make new friends and learn more about the hive ecosystem and what to expect from the blockchain in the future. Leofinance has been the main runner for the Hive zealy campaign outreach and I believe that they have done an amazing job handling the campaign since it took off early last month.

During these few weeks of the campaign, I have been in a lot of spaces on Twitter and one of the spaces I enjoyed was hosted by Breads who is a fantastic host. I was able to learn more about the NFTs project and Breads is doing a fantastic job pushing the NFT community forward. There have also been some interesting spaces hosted by the refinance team.

Leothreads has been my favourite place to be in the zealy outreach campaign. It has helped boost my engagement and also helped me meet different people who have the same interests in the hive blockchain. Now you may think Leothreads is all about finance but it is more than that, everyone is welcome on Leothreads and you can make threads which do not relate to finance and have fun engaging with other users.

 How To Participate

The Hive Zealy Outreach Campaign is almost coming to an end but that does not mean it's too late for you to join the campaign. The first thing is to have a Hive account and the next step is to click the Zealy Campaign Link and sign up for the campaign, make sure to have a Discord and Twitter account because most of the tasks will require you to use your Twitter account.

Every task has a specific amount of XP which will be used to boost your position on the leaderboard and I advise you to make sure to successfully complete every task before claiming the XP reward. There are a lot of tasks to be done before the campaign ends so you have to be ready to perform every task with full concentration.


The Hive Zealy Outreach campaign has been an amazing experience for me and other hive users. I advise you to participate in the campaign now and join the movement to build the hive blockchain and take it to a greater height. I once again thank the leofinance team for handling the campaign. They have done an incredible job and hopefully, more will come soon. So guys that will be all for now. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day.

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