The Daily LEO #143: Cost of Living, Crypto Market, MetaMask, HIVE & CUB Investment

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3 things investors should be thankful for

This year has been quite interesting and stressful for many investors. We witnessed the upside down price action in several markets. Eventually, inflation started to show its tough side. Do you have anything to be thankful for? According to Yahoo, there are some things that you should not miss.

U.S. shoppers alone in boosting Black Friday spend as cost-of-living crisis hits Europe

Consumption economy is not really dangerous as long as every person can sustain its life quality after their purchases. As a consequence of quantitative easing, individuals suffer from cost-of-living that halts the consumption habits of people which may result in a deep recession. Black Friday? Not this time...

First Mover Asia: Bitcoin Stays Calm at $16.5K

Markets started to bu the narrative of softer increase in the interest rates and it's positive effects are long-waited. Meanwhile, the side affects of FTX collapse is still obscure in crypto. Here is the timeline of FTX catastrophe with its domino impact ...

Independent research verifies GBTC's 633K Bitcoin: So why won't Grayscale?

Proof of Reserve is the new concept that centralized service providers disclose their "customer" assets to show that they are not dried out. Though there are some doubts over the security of GBTC by Grayscale but the company chooses to be silent to secure the investment of the customers ...

Infura Collecting MetaMask Users' IP, Ethereum Addresses After Privacy Policy Update

Crypto Investors had a real temper to the recent news by MetaMask. According to the developer team, MetaMask is going to collect your IP data that will be matched with your wallet addresses and transactions. In other words, your privacy will never be a thing in MetaMask ...

Building Passive Income With Hive

Building a secure and profitable investment in the bear market is really difficult. We have seen the crush in the centralized exchanges, lenders and VCs recently. What about building your passive income flow on Hive ecosystem with your own keys ...

Cub Token price is in the Buying range

One of the strongest side of CUB Cross-Chain projects is that the community catches the strong support levels to maximize their profit. With the increasing Multi-token Bridge Revenue, CUB platform has started to replace its competitors! Is it the best time to jump into it?

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