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Hive ecosystem is getting closer to the cross - chain interactions between other Layer 1s (for example, L1 Bitcoin) via Leo DEX. With the Version 109 update on Maya Protocol, there will be several updates for our ecosystem too.

Arbitrum LEO is a new form of LEO token that will be available on the liquidity pools, such as Cacao LP, for cross - chain transaction mechanisms. Of course the integration of Hive Layer 1 and LEO on Maya protocol will come with lots of opportunities for the entire ecosystem.

Let's see some examples of success in SocialFi trend and what can be achieved by InLEO.

Chasing Volume, Hype & Liquidity on Arbitrum

In crypto, stubborn investors earn the least least money because they refuse to follow the narrative, liquidity or hype in the market.

For example, we had an amazing month of meme hype in the Solana ecosystem. Before that, the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs was the story behind the movements in the market. Unless you pursue the money, it is too hard to unleash the real potential of a project.

The choice of Arbitrum is a great idea due to some reasons. 1- After EIP 4844 update on Ethereum, the transaction fees dropped to $0.01 - $0.03 cents 2- Arbitrum is the most hyped Layer 2 project with massive TVL 3- Crypto enthusiasts do not want a new chain, they want SocialFi on " their " own chains

Once Maya protocol makes it real to turn your Bitcoin into HIVE directly, the SocialFi enthusiasts will be able to transfer their funds to Hive ecosystem with a couple of clicks. Imagine we release the narrative that earn Bitcoin by blogging on Hive! This is a killer story that will bring thousands of new investors to InLEO's new onboarding page to sign up with Google, Twitter or e-mail, easily.

Solid Examples Do Exist in the SocialFi ecosystem

First of all, we should be proud of our ecosystem because, since 2018, Hive is the leading SocialFi project with its real and authentic information sharing system. Unfortunately, all the other projects were only for milking some funds before they crashed in a year.

Let me highlight some numbers that we may see on InLEO sign ups: Sociogram is a social network that looks like Meta or Twitter. The posts have 3 - day reward window that distribute the pool rewards to those who engage.

As a result of the rewards, members receive stablecoins on Arbitrum.

With a little hype on the project, look at the number of wallets connected to the platform.

Of course, more than half of them were bot or farm accounts to drain the rewards. Yet, even when we assume that the project attracted 100K people, this is an amazing number for our ecosystem.

With a copy - paste UI from Twitter, this, rather primitive, project attracted thousands of people when the Friend Tech furry was lit.

Hive is on SocialFi Category of CryptoCom with $212M market cap. Though the ecosystem is the best form of Web3 experience in SocialFi category, the market valuation is equal to the " gems " that the new crypto investors try to find.

A cross - chain Hive will be truly exceptional. We need to understand that we have learned our lessons very well during the first attempts of multi chain operations and the harsh bear market conditions.

L1 interactions of Hive via Maya protocol will change a lot of things fundamentally. The potential is beyond our imaginations now.

What do you think about Arbitrum LEO and Maya L1 transactions?

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