Everything You Need to Know About LEO Sprint Quest Event to win $10,000 in Crypto (LEO&HODL)

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Are You ready for the biggest Challenge on hive with a grand Prize of $10k LEO and 200k HP delegations going to begin in less than 72hours?

Sprint Quests will begin at 30April and main launch of Leofinance will be on 1st May.

The month of May is going to be a big one for LeoFinance and $LEO:$0.07 HoDLers. Not only us, but for every hiver and everything you need to about this whole event, quests is explained ahead in this blog.

What is Sprint Quest Event?

This Sprint quest event is to celebrate the Launch of Leofinance New user interface which will begin on 30 April.

Created by your's truly with Canva.

In this event; there will be different quests to do everyday, collect points from quests and leaderboard will represent each person score.

Sprint will last for 30 Days which will give enough time to compete with each other and whoever will end up on top 1 is going to take the jackpot of $10,000 Liquid LEO tokens.

What's New in Leofinance New user interface Update?

Created by your's truly with Canva.

Addition of New features and these updates are going to maximize your Leofi user experience on 1st May.

Why should someone join this event?

There are couple of reasons for Hive user or non hive user to join this event, some are mentioned below;

  • $10,000 Worth Liquid Leo Prize - this is huge amount on plate to win, you don't want to miss this chance.
  • Doing Quests will boost your Engagements and influence on Hive.
  • way to make new friends and meet more people.
  • to see how Competitive you're
  • it is fun.

click here and join it now to participate in the event:

How easy or hard will the quests be?

I had experienced last sprint of Leofinance. So, have some idea behind quests difficulty.

Honestly some quests were easy, some hard (challenging) but Mostly quests are easy and as simple as " "Make a Thread (GM) etc or Tweet" "Do Welcome this community" etc.

What type of quests do i expect in the event?
As the reward pool is big this time I'm expecting quests will be more difficult and challenging compared to previous one.

It will definitely going to take some time to get point and top the leaderboard.

Mostly going to be about "Web2" like from making Tweets to maybe post on Facebook other social profiles or invite from web 2 to hive etc.

Whatever it is, I'm ready for it and going to do every possible thing to make it on the top.

Wrapping up...

So, Are you really ready for the event? Incase, you've not created zeally account yet for quests. You can join now with my reference.

Learn more about the Leofinance Adoption Compaign

Let's begin The Grind to Win Big.


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