Escaping the Chains of Materialism

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Cassidy suddenly appears in Sean's life during an important event in his wife's business and threatens to shut everything down with her confession. It turned out Sean had a brutal history that cost him everything in his past and after meeting Lisa, he found a reason to start afresh. But Cassidy is suddenly here to disrupt whatever it was he had with his wife.
Source To shut her up, and continue being the lovely husband and supporter, Cassidy asked for a huge sum of money to go away and never show up. Sean finds a way to get the money off his wife's checkbook and pays Cassidy off instead of opening up to his wife about the past and ruining her chance of getting to the top of the ladder.

As I watch each scene I kept wondering why people would rather accept being blackmailed than open up to their partners or whoever is involved with them during a point of confession. I mean isn't the truth supposed to set you free?

Why do we allow others to take from us more than we would be willing to offer under normal circumstances? Why do we allow our friends to lure us into living above our means when living below our means, means having rest of mind and winning the war of keeping up with the Joneses?

Why do we allow society to detect how we handle our finances? Why do we allow advertisers to influence us into buying things we do not need but have to buy to impress those we don't even like? Why? Why do we push ourselves into financial ruin just because we want to be seen as the good person and not the bad one?

Are our peace of mind and mental health really less important to us that we would be willing to throw all of that away at the expense of things that don't bring meaning or fulfillment to us? The idea that the media sell that we ought to have certain things shouldn't even bother us one bit. We should learn to be content with the most important things in life.

If there's one thing that I recently learned it's the fact that the winner in this game of keeping up appearances are those who can afford to pay to do so. And the losers get wrapped in debt that they can't afford to pay and are drawn into slavery.

Lining the pockets of the creators or sellers of every object you see on the internet means subjecting yourself to financial slavery.

The only way out in this game of keeping up appearances is to stop playing. It might not sit well with your friends and the Joneses you wanted to please, but, it will surely save you from financial slavery. Telling society that their values don't align with yours is the way forward and that you want to stop playing the game of buying things you don't need.

I read somewhere when you don't conform to buying things you don't need, the rest of the people who do will expect you to because if you don't, you are outrightly saying they are fools. Today, Anne, told someone that;

People take from you as much as you allow them to. What if

This means you can't always allow people to take what you wouldn't give under normal circumstances. Whether it's your peace of mind or your chance at building wealth with the little resources that you have.

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