Mastering Money & Breaking Free from the Rat Race

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I opened my mail today while trying to figure out which aspect of finance I should tackle tonight and I found that Robert Kiyosaki had left behind a new money rule for all of his subscribers to read and probably take the next step to shine financially and otherwise.
Source You see, it's the same old story of having enough cash flow that generates money for you steadily while you are balancing it with every other thing that's vying for your money. But, wait, it might be old news to me, but, there's probably someone out there who is still new to all of this, so it's really necessary that I share, don't you think? Of course, you do!

I should also let in on the secret that I was watching a Netflix documentary on how to get smart with money, and indeed, my suspicions were right. There are people out there who do have not the faintest idea how to handle money.

Some of them were born into the hustle spirit trained by their parents to hustle to make money, so they can take care of themselves and the people they love. But they were not really taught saving, investing, retirement funds, and every other financial term that's probably going to help them sit still and not make bad financial choices.

It happened to all of us, we might have been born into a lot of narratives around money and that influenced how we dealt with this tool as we grew into adulthood. It becomes almost disheartening to watch ourselves work tirelessly and earn weekly, or monthly, and yet at the end of the day, our bills take it all and we are back where we started.. Zero.

If it's not disheartening to live this way, then, you are a ghost, you should make your way back to the land of the spirit... Lol.

However, you must understand how your money keeps slipping out of your control. You should learn how you make so much yet end up with very little. You should learn why you might not be able to make it past a few weeks if you lose your job today.

You have to understand why your dreams will keep staring at you in the face and you can't chase them because you have credit card debts, and you are required to work your ass off to at least afford the monthly payments. All of these scenarios and questions ought to be analyzed and answered.

This is why I would say for people out there who haven't been able to afford the luxury to understand the answers to those questions and thoughtfulness around their finances, Robert's mail could point them in the right direction.

Of course, I know they will need the basics explained to them; someone to coach them on the right way to leave the side of the world and habits that are keeping them away from fulfilling their financial dream and cross to the other side where progress, fulfillment, and freedom is promised.

They need someone to explain that if they are struggling with debt, then, they need to cut back on certain things. They need to be directed on how to make those cuts without being too frugal that the day they are fed up with it, they will run back to who they were trying to change from.

They need someone to hold their hands and guide them through the process of earning more, taking on a side hustle, while creating time to chase their dreams one step at a time.

They need a lot of direction. So, financial education is something that no one willing to sacrifice for the sake of the freedom that money brings should take lightly. They should understand that without financial education, they will continue to be stuck in the rat race.

They will keep hating themselves and their financial situations. They will keep wishing they had the kind of money so and so person has, in a way, they will think, that if they did have access to such an amount, their lives would be better.

Yes, their lives might be better once they lay hands on such money, but we already know that the way we handle little things is the same way we will handle big ones.

So more money doesn't really solve the ills that affects our finances, it might even make it worse.

What will cure our financial ills is financial education, and one ought to get more and more of it, no matter where they are, financially.

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