Let's talk : Redesign

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Let's talk : Redesign

Hello Friends.

At first glance, stats may seem like pointless numbers that only serve to complicate baseball games or fill up college coursework. However, if you take a closer look, you'll see that stats are actually a valuable tool for tracking progress and more.

Stats can help you determine your personal strengths and weaknesses, and help you come up with game plans to improve. In the business world, stats can be used to track customer behavior and measure the success of marketing campaigns.

Today we will be looking at the new revamped

If you use the previous version of, Then getting caught up to speed will be quite easy for you, If you never use this tool before well then you're in for a real surprise., was built by the Leo team to help people track their overall metrics and growth on HIVE. It's a way you can see, as and the name says, your different stats on HIVE. Even if you're not too into those numbers, it's great to look at now and then see where you are.

First thing you want to do is head over to their webpage located at : You don't necessarily need to log in to make use of the webpage, you just enter your username on the front page. Likewise, you can spy on anybody you want by entering their username as well.

When the webpage load you'll see an interface like the one below.

Let's talk about what's happening in this particular first section.

You have three primary boxes. Your profile, recent rewards, and stats.

These are all pretty obvious as to what they are about, but let's talk about them a little.

Your Profile

Here you can see your name, reputation, locations and the webpage you have linked to. Also, you can see what your voting strength is at, how much time before it fills up to 100% again, and what those different levels are worth, when you vote. That is great to know.

Receive Rewards

This is another box that, you might overlook, but it is good to know. Here you can see how much rewards you have gone from either posting content, curating content, or if you have a witness server, how much you're earning from that. Along with a total overall total of HP earned.


This is a breakdown of all the different stats that make up your account. Members such as your effective or usable / non delegated Hive power, any incoming delegations, how much you power down over time, and a lot of other great tasty tidbits.

The wallet section

It's not quite called the wallet section but the second chunk on the page, deals with issues of money and your wallet.

Across the top, you can see the various prices for Hive, HBD, LEO and CUB. You also can see the latest APY (Annual Percent Yield) four staking various tokens on other LEO platforms.

Below that, is a bit of an advertisement for delegate to @Leo.voter. Not quite sure why that is there, it would make more sense up on top from a UX stand point...

Below that is another great section of useful tools. Here you can do any sort of wallet function you might need to do. You can send or power up your HIVE, send or take out of saving, power down, and more in this little box.

The next section gives a bit more technical, but it's also nice for tracking your overall growth. Let's call it the Analytics section.

Analytics section

If you're like most people, you probably don't think about analytics all that often. But, in reality, analytics can be incredibly useful. Analytics can help you to understand how your website is performing, how your marketing campaigns are doing, and more.

This section is all about tracking your overall growth.

You'll see two buttons along the top as well that states 7 days or 30 days. Seven days is, of course, the time it takes for your post to payout, while 30 days is, on average, the length of a month. So these are great ways to look at your overall progress per week and per month.

The next section is the pending rewards section.

Pending rewards

On HIVE, there are many ways to generate rewards. Several of the primary methods are through being an author or through curating other content.

As you can see, there are several boxes for your pending Author rewards and then for your pending curated rewards.

What I do appreciate about the pending author rewards section, is that they break down the total vote to how much you are getting. Most times, you see a payout of 10 HBD, and then in your head you have to divide that by two (50% to you and 50% for the curators), then further breakout what will be HP and what will be HBD. This is a streamlined method to see all the information laid out in front of you to make informed decisions.

Operations and Tokens

If you play splinter lens, or post on other front ends, or send and receive any tokens, these are all various operations. While most of the time you don't need to worry about them, sometimes it's good to look in and see what's going on underneath the hood. The operations section gives you that view by day.

The last section is also your HIVE engine tokens. These are all the second-level tokens that are minted and are in your wallet, that you can, power up, sell, trade or use in any crazy way you want.

Below this you come to your received HIVE engine rewards.

Some tokens on the Hive Engine, earn you staking rewards, some communities pay you in their native token by posting them on their front end, and sometimes you get them as air drops. In this section you can see the overall value they are earning.

Likewise, the Hive engine operations section below that, shows you all the transactions and operations that are happening on the second level that make use of the Hive Engine platform.

In summary

Stats offer a valuable insight into how your readers are engaging with your content. They also provide you with a quantifiable measure of how successful your content is. It is important to keep track of your stats so you can improve your content and keep your readers engaged.

While there is no right or wrong way to use statistics, it is nice to know you can view, and make informed decisions about your progress what's going on, in one page.

I recommend you check out today and give it go.


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