5K And Counting (Making Use Of HBD To Achieve My Dream)

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May 1, 2023

"Setting goals is the first step in turning dreams into reality."

Setting goals wasn't really my forte. As I've mentioned a lot of times, I don't want to be disappointed if I won't be able to reach them. So I just let things happen without expecting too much. Until 7 months ago, inspired by @shanibeer and other Saturday Savers Club members, I started to set my Hive Goals as well and work on them. As the adage says, it's the first step in turning a dream into reality.

However, we shouldn't just make a plan, set a goal, or make a wish. We should work on them to make them happen. Because it makes no sense when we just let things do the work without grinding. Besides, it's only we who can make the invisible visible. So make a wish, create a plan, set a goal, work for it, then harvest the fruit of your labor later! Hard work is always being paid off well in the end, anyway. That is given.

Part of my Hive Goals 2023 was to accumulate 5k Staked HP and 1K HBD in my savings account. I haven't updated my Saturday Savers goal in a while because I don't like checking my wallet periodically. Unexpectedly, I learned just a few days ago that my HP goal of 2023 had already been reached!

What's next?

It's HPUD, it's time to power up!

Not because I have achieved my HP goal doesn't mean I will stop. It will continue for the rest of my Hive journey because consistency is the key to whatever we want to achieve in life.

It's the first day of the month and it's a holiday on my side of the world. I know it is as well in my home country and other parts because it's Labor Day. Now it's time to power up and you have no reason to forget about it. It will help you grow your account and strengthen your influence on the Hive chain. Besides, other benefits of participating in the monthly HPUD are always rewarding.

Making Use Of HBD To Achieve My Dream

In addition to HP's Goal, one of my objectives is to save HBD. I'm getting a decent amount of interest at the end of the month, thanks to the 20% APR, which is amazing. The more or less 5 HBD accumulated interest each month worth big for me, allowing my HBD to continue to grow continuously in my savings account. It's preferable to getting nothing at all.

Initially, I had intended to purchase HIVE with HBD and then trade them to increase my savings for HPUD. The remainder will be deposited into my savings account to generate interest and use it for future purposes.

But I thought of using it for something else. My current contract will expire in a year, and I intend to apply for a new one since my siblings will be studying in college. Thus, more extra years to work abroad. One of my dreams is to have a vacation somewhere in our country or Hong Kong with my parents next year, particularly in July or September. That is to pay for their hard work in raising us. If I will bring them here, it won't make much of a difference to the costs I'll spend for the vacation in the Philippines I planned for them. So why not Hong Kong? They would be so happy, especially my mother.

That is how I planned to use my HBD. Again, this is just a plan. Things and decisions always change each day. But I'm hoping that I'll be able to make it happen. That would be my best gift to them. They aren't getting younger anymore, and neither am I. We never know what will happen tomorrow so I want them to experience something different that they have never experienced in their lives before. Their whole lives were devoted to raising us, especially my mom, even up until now. They deserve great relaxation even just for a week or so. And I hope I could make it come true with the help of my HBD Savings.

Moving on...

My focus from now on will be on saving HP, HBD, and LEO. For the Hive Engine Tokens, especially LOH, POSH, PIZZA, and others, I'll just accumulate whatever I can without setting any amount for them to lessen the pressure. Participating in monthly HPUD, PUM, and LPUD is what I want to maintain. That's my only way to keep my savings growing. Hopefully no power down, but all power up.

After powering up 100HP today, here's my total Effective and Staked HP. It's amazing seeing my HP past over my goal. And additional HBD has been added to my savings account. My goal is to add at least 100HBD a month to achieve the 1K goal by the end of the year.

The curation rewards and HBD interest keep increasing each month and this passive income is what I love while lurking and blogging on this chain.

Meanwhile, my account is growing continuously and I love its consistent pace.

Maintaining HPUM is my next target. After checking my hivestats, I felt grateful for seeing those achievements and looking forward to achieving more on this chain. I just need to maintain a good pace and keep heading up and forward.

Don't forget to power up! You still have more than 20 hours.

Enjoy your holiday! Thanks for stopping by.

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