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When ever I m about to buy something, I m first likelier to consider exactly what this thing is and how it will either solve a problem which has probably been hindering my productivity or increase the value of certain assets that I already have and would love to use better.

When you buy what exactly are you buying?

For me I always want to answer this simple question if I buy food what did I just buy I didn't just buy the porridge or the yam either cooked or uncooked what I bought was the 5 to 6 or more months it took from the process of planting to the process of harvesting and every other process that is involved in presenting that product to be marketable.

So if someone goes to the farm to plant a seed of corn waters it and brings the outcome to the market , sell several other corn when I buy I'm not only buying just a corn, I am buying the time of growing the work of planting and work of harvesting. And furthermore down the processing ladder the more it goes the more I have to buy.
With this in mind I am not just buying things I am buying time and labour as well.

Another thing I consider when I buy is the reason for which I am buying it, if I buy a car what is the reason for buying this car is it for luxury, for comfort, for transportation or for a service where I get to us another soft skill that I have which is to drive.

The reason/utility needs to be placed and it may not be any of this one's I have earlier outlined it could be something that you would have to justify for the amount of money you are using as an opportunity cost in place of the value that you will get from the product you have purchased.

The moment you buy things without fully processing what exchange of cost and value that has happened you are either running at a loss or an over cost.

We all are in the world where things are currently getting more expensive by the day and we need to cut down on purchasing things which are on necessary so it's needful to count the cost of what you are buying and deeply reason it out before purchasing.

The purchasing power of money itself is also reducing for example the Naira in Nigeria has lost over 30% of its original value as at the beginning of the year. And if anyone is buying anything there must be a good reason why that thing should be used and if it will make life easy producing easy and buy you more time we cannot all be farmers we cannot all trek we cannot always I have what we need when we need them by snapping our fingers, we have to buy things but before you buy count the cost well.

I have sometime to relate this buying practice of mine to world of crypto where I get to purchase promising cryptocurrencies. If the utility is promising and factual then that should stand for the reason for which I'm buying.

I'm also buying the work which is been put in by the team within the time expectation for them to be able to produce.

Some few months back I purchase certain psyberx assets because I see the team working and I also believe that the project is going to be a success. This is how I purchase. How about you?

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