My Hive Goals for 2023 Week #38

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I have decided to start posting a weekly update on my progress toward my 2023 goals here on Hive. It helps me stay on track and I can realize if I am behind on a goal at any point in time. I am still ahead or on track for all my goals. My HBD goal is pretty much set and I have a lot more leeway in LEO due to my April LPUD. It's closing into the end of the year as we only have a little more than 2 months left.


Above are statistics that I have gotten from HiveStats. This week was about the same as the previous week.


I got about more than last week with 59 HP earned throughout the week. I am checking this through the difference between the two endpoints on the graph on Hivestats. My author rewards and my curation is lower than last week. My goal for curation is to ensure that my voting power is never full. I was able to use up most of my voting power without any issues and I have changed some of my voting habits. It's been working out fine so far and my voting power hasn't overfilled.


I earned 13 HBD last week, which is less than last week. I plan on using these earnings in Splinterlands to purchase cards and the price of HBD was slightly above the peg. I did spend some HBD last week because HBD was above the peg. I'll spend some more HBD later when HBD is above the peg. I also collected 35 HBD from the interest so I am closer to my goal.

LEO Power

I earned 53 LEO last week and this is only slightly higher than last week. Work has been keeping me busy and I had far less time last week. I also haven't gone back to threads just yet though. I do plan on going back there eventually though. Other than that, nothing has really changed.


It's been a week since my last update and I like my progress so far. My HP goal is almost there and I plan on extending that in a week or two. I think 9k HP seems like a more reasonable goal that should last until the end of the year but that could change depending on what happens. There hasn't been anything different about the HBD interest rate discussions so nothing has changed on my HBD plan. For my HBD, I think I will be able to reach my goal next month and I don't have to worry about my HBD goal at all. I could still suffer if I slack off though. This week was worst compared to the week before but there isn't much that I can do about that.

Do you have any goals for 2023? What is the progress towards your own goals?

Feel free to leave a comment if you read my post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

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