Splinterlands: Brawls are a nice way to earn merits and SPS

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Splinterland Brawls are a guild event where you can earn merits and SPS. I have been participating in it for a while now but I have never really made a post about it. However, I thought I would review how I did over the last brawl. In a way, I thought that doing this would help me make sure that I sign up for brawls because I missed the one before this.

Brawl Result

Above is the result of my matches, and it has been one of the few times where I won all of my matches. I was part of the gold foil bronze modern league brawl and I choose this specific brawl so that my guild members could get their matches in. My rewards for the brawl were 1450 merits and 15.776 SPS in the 2 star category. My guild ranked 5th place out of the 10 guilds there.

My guild doesn't fill all our brawls and most of our golden foil brawls aren't filled. So while our win rate isn't that, we lost quite a few points due to these unfilled brawls. It hurts but there isn't too much we can do about that. Our guild leader has stated that there is a DEC requirement right now per season (at 100 for senior members and 110 for newer members). This is supposed to go away in the future when our guild buildings are all at level 4.

Brawl fights

There were 6 fights that I won and 1 that did not submit their match. So I included an idea of what the match was below along with a few thoughts about it.

You can find the first match here. We had a similar lineup on both sides and I chose to use Wizard of Eastwood due to the 3 mana cost versus the 4 that my opponent had. This allowed me to have tank heal and it proved to be the right choice for this match.

You can find the second match here. This was a long match and I don't think I played the correct lineup. The bloodlust gladius card on my side did help and it increased my damage towards the end. Sandworm was also useful but it wasn't as good as I thought I would be due to the repair.

You can find the third match here. My opponent spread out his damage too much and I won due to all the heals. Placing a flying monster in my last spot also helped because my opponent missed his attacks a few times.

You can find the fourth match here. This was a pretty close match and I won due to my Merdhampir surviving the poison. I think my opponent would have won if he placed his higher-health monsters toward the back of his lineup instead.

You can find the fifth match here. I thought I would lose this match but I won because my opponent used way too many melee monsters. It didn't help him to have these cards and my resurrect, repair and tank heal combined with my bloodlust tank did an amazing job.

You can find the sixth match here. The combination of shatter to destroy my opponent's armor followed by my other damage dealers killed off my opponent's backline quite fast. Then with my magic monster, I was able to finish off my opponent. I wasn't expecting having shatter to be so useful but it definitely helped a lot.


I think doing 7 fights for 1450 merits and 15.776 SPS as a pretty good reward for the effort. At least, I don't get nearly that much in SPS from my ranked battles. It helps the guild and I think it's worth the 100 DEC or so that I pay per season. There is generally anywhere between 2-3 brawls per season so I don't think there is much of an issue if you have to pay a small fee to the guild per season. With the introduction of soul-bound reward summoners with the conscript ability, I think those gladius cards will be more helpful too.

Are you taking part in Guild Brawls?

Feel free to leave a comment if you read my post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

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