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I woke up feeling somewhat bleak yesterday. I wasn’t sure if it was the gloomy weather or the fact that I had work piling up for me. But then I realized that I had this strong happiness inside of me and you know that feeling when you’re happy but you wonder to yourself, “Why am I happy?” And then it dawned on me that September 12, 2022, was when I opened my Hive account. It was my Hive Birthday and then for two minutes straight, I had an ear-to-ear grin on my face as I calmly reflected on how exactly I joined Hive.

I’ve said before that I joined Hive through @wongi, my dearest friend. But then I didn’t say how. Wongi and I had been so busy at a point, we hadn’t seen each other for months. And so, we set a day to meet up. And I remember that day like it was yesterday as she tapped furiously on her phone. “What are you always typing?” And then she began to talk about it. I remember that she had said something like that before last year but I wasn’t in the right headspace for it. But something about listening to her that day made me decide that I was going to join.

So, she walked me through it and I opened my account. But there was an issue. I didn’t know if my account was actually created. I couldn’t do anything and I wondered why. It took me a month guys. A whole month to realize that I hadn’t been getting it right. So, on the 22nd of October, 2022, I made my Introduction post.

I’m happy for the foundation she gave me. Making me understand that when I do it right. Writing because I love to write and not for any incentive. Things will begin to fall into place. I guarded it in my heart but for a reason I can’t remember now, I stopped writing soon after. Two months later, and the first of January, I was determined to begin anew. I started this year with a reputation of 51. I remember seeing those at 60 and wondering if I’d ever reach there in my lifetime. I recently clocked 67 reputation and it still feels like a dream. And maybe that’s because I stopped concentrating on it and just wrote for the love of writing.

I want to talk now about my Hive Godsends. I’m so sorry about the tag guys going forward but if I didn’t mention the people who made my experience in the past eight months as it was, I don’t know how I’d feel. I have met the most amazing people on Hive. People that have become my friends, simply by being who they are. I met @samsmith1971, @dreemsteem and @grindan. They were so warm and I immediately knew I was home. I never thought myself as a favoured girl till I encountered these amazing women. When I was at my lowest, emotionally and otherwise, they were there.

Through my time on Hive, I kept encountering wonderful people like @deraaa, @tengolotodo and @olujay, who have become my people through and through. Doing nothing more than just being there and supporting me through the hurdles thrown at me, celebrating with me in my wins and everything in between.

My HP by the first of April

....and now.

I came to realize a little later the value of engagement. The value of connecting with like minds and kindred souls on Hive. There are so many times that I felt like discontinuing but reading the stories of people, feeling the happiness and their bursting emotions through their words, made me feel better, like I wasn’t alone. Like I was understood. I found those kindred souls in @riverflows through her amazing stories, @nickydee, @honeydue, @trucklifefamily and so many others who gave me the same emotions when I read them. The value of freedom, strength and being true to oneself.

Then I met wonderful Communities like Ladies of Hive where I was able to connect to other women through their stories and then, I found a home with the Freewriters community and The Ink Well where I was able to grow as a writer of fiction. Recently, I looked through my first fiction and compared to now, there has been incredible growth and I was super happy to see how well I’ve developed as a writer. Before now, apart from generic school essays, I didn’t think I was a story writer, let alone a good one but I was provided with the basic tools for good storytelling, and every day has become a day to learn and to read stories of other amazing writer.

And lest I forget, Dreemport that's raised awareness for my posts and from which I've also met awesome people and built lasting relationships.

I’ve learnt how to take responsibility. Being an elder sister, I learnt the value of patience but by becoming a MOD for the Hive Naija community, I’ve also learnt the value of hard work, tolerance and assertiveness. It’s been a whirlwind of experience for me and that is just a part of the beauties that Hive has gifted me.

It’s @jhymi’s first year on Hive and I’m looking forward to all the wonderful things the next year has in store for me. Despite whatever disagreeing things, I see on Hive, this place has become my home. A place where I can be me, and share my thoughts. Should there be criticisms, maybe. But it has mostly been overflowing love and support from my readers all through. It has been such a pleasure meeting the wonderful people of Hive. People that have become more than just online friends like @dianelson and @ibbtammy.

I love you all, my readers and my friends for the constant support and encouragement. Hive has become a place to be for me and it’s certain that no matter what, it won’t change. All the best to everyone on this amazing platform. It's truly a blessing to have met you all.🌺


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