The Lightning-fast Reflexes of Diemonshark

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I had a good run at Brawls, I won 7 battles and lost 2 out of 9. Though we are going through a tough time now as we finished fifth because we are short of all participating members lately.

The battles were tough for me and I was unsure which one to share so I chose this one where I came up against a very high-speed lineup featuring Magnor as the Tank.

For my lineup, Diemonshark and Isgald Vorst had a great fight as Diemonshark delivered destructive reflexes that wrapped up the fight while Isgald Vorst had it easy preying on the weakest.

The Summoners

Opponent's SummonerElementAbility
CONQUEROR JACEKFire+2 Speed/Scattershot/Piercing
My SummonerElementAbility

[Battle Ruleset

Up To Eleven

Target Practice


DIEMONSHARK is an extremely territorial beast, that will do anything to protect its territory. Before going further on its destructive nature let's look at the stats that comprises a 3 melee damage of 3 at level 4, a speed of 4, and 6 Amor that offers great protection of the health which should rather be left unprovoked to avoid the Enrage ability And of course, no enemy wants to be trampled upon.

Diemonsharks travel alone throughout the stars searching for prey and territory. They are fearsome beasts with lightning-fast reflexes. Diemonsharks are extremely territorial and attack any creature that encroaches on their land. The Chaos Legion trains them as transports for equipment. Since they can travel by air, ground, or sea, they are ideally suited for the task.

As seen in the battle Diemonshark was extremely protective of its territory, in the process it ended badly for Chimney Wallstop and Countess Sinash.

Due to the opponent's scattershot attacks, my bait using VENARI MARKSRAT in the second spot in my lineup being a Target Practice ruleset didn't work as planned, so the rat survived the fight.

It was good that I had 3 magic monsters in my lineup with DJINN OSHANNUS in the third spot. As seen in the battle attacking Magnor with melee attacks was hitting blank as the giant evaded attacks. Aside from the damage on Oshannus's Armor, there wasn't a threat to the health as it ended that fight dominantly.

After getting rid of the opponent's Magnor, ISGALD VORST had a feast on the weakest enemy monsters which saw it end the battle with a melee attack of 6 in addition to the Inspire ability from Hellondale. The Opportunity and Bloodlust abilities of Isgald Vorst are not one to mess with.

In the fifth spot is RIVER HELLONDALE with the Resurrect and Inspire abilities which I always find very useful for my lineups. First on Sinash's attacking menu was Hellondale, the attack only went as far as the Armor. The Resurrect ability of River Hellondale gave Diemonshark a second chance in the fight which had a great impact on the outcome of the fight.

I rarely put up a lineup without Armor protection, my favorite for providing the protection is VENARI WAVESMITH with +2 Armor protection on friendly monsters/gladiators. Supply Runner seems to focus on getting rid of Vernari Wavesmith but it was a failed attempt as the fight turned out dominantly in my favor.

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