Immortal Gods 6 vs Immortal Gods 2

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No this is not a Brawl battle, I tend to pay attention to my opponents which is why am quick to notice when the system pairs me against someone I know on Hive. In this battle, my opponent is a member of Immortal Gods 2 while I am in Immortal Gods 6, I take it we both represented our Guilds in this Ranked battle.

Aside from both of us being Guild members we also opted for the Dragon element in this battle.

The Summoners

Opponent's SummonerElementAbility
SELENIA SKYDragon+1 Range
My SummonerElementAbility
QUIX THE DEVIOUSDragon-1 Range & Speed

[Battle Ruleset

Super Sneak

Taking Sides


It was a 99 mana battle and that allowed me to go big with high mana monsters. NIGHT GHOUL was picked to lead the frontline with Taunt ability, it is such a rich card for a level 1 but at the cost of high mana and slow speed as well.

Another Taunt ability card is AGOR LONGTAIL the second spot.

AGOR, five attack damage of 2 magic and 3 Melee makes it a must-have in my lineup with the Flight and Void Armor ability it possesses. First on AGOR'S list was my opponent's FIRE SPITTER as the battle ended for the Range monster before it could launch the first attack.

Going against HARKLAW with Range or Melee attack isn't going to get rid of it quickly, which is an ability I like about HARKLAW in addition to the Immunity and Demoralize abilities. It steps in the third spot missing all attacks on the opponent's evading monster.

Again the big spending on high mana monsters continues for me, why go small when there is room for big mana monsters? So ROBO-DRAGON KNIGHT steps in fourth place, high in Health with Void, and Devine Shield abilities.

I enjoy reducing the attacking power of the enemy, OCTOPIDER'S Demoralize ability reduces the Melee attacks of all enemy monsters, and with the -1 Range attack through QUIX THE DEVIOUS, I feel content taking on my opponent.

With the Scattershot ability, CHAOS DRAGON becomes an out-of-control beast that you don't want to be next on its list, even worse is the Blast ability which can't be contained. When I am not on the receiving end of this beast, I enjoy the havoc it renders on enemy monsters.

Things turned out badly for my opponent as my lineup was too powerful to deal with.


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