Surprise Adventures: Finding Happiness in the Bantayan, Carcar

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Hello everyone! Last Friday, I wrote a blog about my experience on Maundy Thursday. If you missed it, you can click the link above. Now, I want to tell you about the surprise beach trip in Bantayan, Carcar City, Cebu with my family, including my uncle, aunt, cousin, and grandmother. It was unexpected because I didn't know they had planned to go to the beach. When we arrived at the place where we would swim, I was shocked because there were so many people. Here's what happened.

In the morning, around 9 am, my cousin came to our house to borrow an ice bucket. He said they needed it to put soft drinks and fruits because they were going to the beach. It was the last day of the long weekend without work. So, he asked me to join them, and without hesitation, I agreed right away.

Around 11 am, close to 12 pm, I started to prepare. I took a bath, then I went out to buy some snacks for myself just in case I wanted to eat something quickly.

So, my uncle, aunt, and grandmother had already left when I was about to leave. As I was heading to where we would swim, I realized that one of my cousins was left behind because he was waiting for one of our uncles to ride with. Since I wasn't in a hurry and I hadn't gotten hungry yet because I had just eaten snacks, I decided to wait and go with them instead.

While we were waiting for our uncle to arrive, when he arrive he said it would take a while because he was delivering a cake. I suddenly thought, "What if it takes longer? What if we play chess in the meantime?" So, we played, and I couldn't help but laugh because my uncle only won once, unlike before when I never won against him.

After an hour passed, it was already 1 pm and the cake delivery person called again. They said they would just pick up the cake themselves. After hearing that, we left immediately. While we were on our way, we encountered some traffic, so we decided to take a shortcut. As we were nearing the destination, I could feel the sea breeze, and I was eager to swim. However, when we were about to park, I was surprised because there was a parking fee. I chuckled to myself, albeit secretly, when they immediately asked for payment.

Around 1 pm, nearing 2 pm, when we arrived, there were so many people, more than I expected, getting ready to swim. It was my first time seeing so many people in Bantayan. Anyways, when we reached the cottage, our aunt and uncle were so kind and caring, they immediately offered us food. After a few hours, we decided to play billiards using just our phones, and it was really fun. It was one of the beautiful memories that happened to me.

After playing billiards, I felt really hot and wanted to swim. I invited my cousin to join me, and while we were swimming, we played tag. I wanted to capture those moments, but bringing a cellphone was not allowed because saltwater could quickly damage it. Seawater can cause damage within 24 hours due to corrosion.

After swimming, we had a meal, and it was really delicious, especially when you don't have to contribute and the food is free. We had grilled fish, kinilaw, sweet and sour fish, with sweet potatoes, grilled pork, bananas, and watermelon. I'm so thankful that I got to eat this, and I'm grateful to my uncle and aunt.

Around 5 pm, we started packing up because it was time to go home. On our way back, we took a different route, and the view was truly beautiful. As we journeyed home, we experienced a peaceful atmosphere. At that moment, I felt thankful and contented with the day.


Sometimes, the best moments happen when we don't plan for them. This day at the beach taught me that unexpected surprises can bring a lot of joy. From playing games with my family to enjoying a tasty meal, every little thing made me happy. Even when things didn't go as expected, like dealing with traffic or unexpected costs, they taught me to be flexible and find joy in the journey. It's not about what we plan, but how we enjoy the moments that come our way.

Life is full of surprises, and it's okay to embrace them. Spend time with your loved ones, enjoy the simple things, and be grateful for what you have. Even when things don't go as planned, remember to find happiness in the unexpected moments. They might just become some of your favorite memories.