VIBES Web3 Music Competition Week 7 || Flor Pálida ♥ - For Trombone || By YSJ 🎺

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How are you? Dear friends of the Vibes community, I hope you are all well! I've been quite anxious to give my entry to week number 7 of the contest.... Although really, even though there are many good prizes, I don't consider Vibes a competition at all, but a place that allows excellent musicians from all over the world to share their music, and there are many talented people in Vibes..... And inside Hive Blog in general ♥

Well, right now as I upload the post, I'm getting ready to go to the hospital..... I have to go every day, here where I live unfortunately it is not 10:00 am as in CET, but here it is 4:30 am, at this time I have to get up daily to leave everything ready and go to the hospital before 7:00 am.... Ufff, it's quite a complicated task, but come on, you can't reach the goal without sacrifices, right?

Nothing family, I hope you enjoy the theme I have chosen for week number 7.... It's by the artist Marc Anthony who in 2013 gave us the song titled "Flor Pálida" (Pale Flower)... I hope you like it, because it is a humble work that I have done for the whole Hive family, And family Vibes.


A big hug to all of you! God bless you always ♥